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One, Two, Three Strikes You’re Out

I couldn’t resist a quick post. I just came back from shooting him and quickly upload this photos. So rather than just shooting portraits, I was interested on doing it different way each time. Daddy’s All Star today wear baseball shirt. Oh great, baby portraiture photoshoot baseball theme. So I bring him to the same place I shoot him with mommy Akmal summer theme earlier, few meters from our place. I was hoping for great sunset again, but still no luck for today…

I heard the sun were really close to earth in 4 days starting from yesterday. The sun was so huge yesterday. Let’s hope we’ll get the chances tomorrow. I’m dying to get the golden hour again. If you notice, in two weeks times the weather was very hot. Weather forecast said temperature reached 33 degree in afternoon. No wonder Amsyar melalak all day.

I couldn’t find my old baseball cap & baseball bat. The only this I can bring is the ball, which I think, older than me. My sister used to play soft ball while at secondary school. Mak said this ball belong to her. I saw her photos playing soft ball nominated third place while in 1986 if I’m not mistaken, I was 2 years old by that time.

Shooting 7 month baby was very challenging. You never know what happen next. I give him a ball, he try to chew it as he can swallow. The ball was 3/4 his head. So I only use Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens as usual to shoot his portraits. Glimpses into childhood playground is what dreams are made of….

Baby Amsyar Photography Baseball Theme (5)

Baby Amsyar Photography Baseball Theme (14)

Baby Amsyar Photography Baseball Theme (13)

Baby Amsyar Photography Baseball Theme (4)

Baby Amsyar Photography Baseball Theme (11)

Baby Amsyar Photography Baseball Theme (1)

Baby Amsyar Photography Baseball Theme (3)

Baby Amsyar Photography Baseball Theme (6)

Baby Amsyar Photography Baseball Theme (9)

Baby Amsyar Photography Baseball Theme (2)

Baby Amsyar Photography Baseball Theme (8)

Baby Amsyar Photography Baseball Theme (7)

Baby Amsyar Photography Baseball Theme (12)

Baby Amsyar Photography Baseball Theme (10)

amsyar in wonderland

What I wrote earlier is right, golden hour doesn’t come often these days. It was a very sunny day today, but when we started the picnic, clouds suddenly came out, hiding that pretty sunshine away from us..

I bring Amsyar & Akmal (oh not to forget Mr. Rabbit) to the field early at 5pm but I start shooting around 6.15pm. It was located 15 mins drive from our place. The title Amsyar in wonderland because of that Mr. Rabbit we bring. As usual, I use my most precious 50mm f/1.8 Canon for this session. The cheapest prime lens on the market that gives me most precious images. Amsyar in excellent mood, oh actually he already messed up my day before we went out. Now I understand an old man once told me kids this age is challenging to raise.

Actually I was hoping to go to the big tree in the field, unfortunately there was electrical fence all over the place to prevent those cow running out of track. So we have to change our photo shoot location to other field. We had been shooting for about half an hour before the sun came out. Oh we just have another few more minutes before the sun set. But it was lovely moment.. Just for a few minutes. I am really grateful. Alhamdulillah…

We pack up at 7.10pm since the was too dark already. So this is the photos I’ve selected out of 500+. Now I know hot hard it is to shoot kids portraiture.

amsyar 7 month

Golden hour doesn’t come often these days. So if by any chances you found great sunset near your place, don’t miss it. Grab your camera, bring anyone you like, capture the moment. As for me, I get the chances to shoot my little boy 7th month anniversary today. It was like 30minutes of great yellowish sunset just near my place. Kids photography needs great timing.

Golden hour often started at 6.30pm, I started the photoshoot at 6.44pm after fetching my dear Akmal from work. A little to late. Amsyar was in great mood while we started. Remember I wrote earlier to look for different place near you place earlier? So this is just around 500m from my house. It’s look like other bush you passing by every day. But if we can manipulate the surrounding, we can make good photos. I only attached my all time favorite 50mm f/1.8 lens to my camera as usual. Cheap lenses doesn’t mean cheap quality photos. Remember that. This less than 300 bucks lens always pay me great memories.

I learned a lot from my great inspiration, Wazari Wazir. Although I haven’t meet him in person, he gave such great knowledge in his blog. If you new to photography, I suggest you study all his articles. So much you can learn, yet he give it for free. I shoot with 50mm f/1.8 at most of the time, Wazari can teach you how to get sharp images with 50mm lens. I hope you can learn something from there.

Till then, good luck!

alin + faiz – day 1 { cameron highlands }

One way to enhance you idea is by seeing places or things you never look at before. I always wanted not to make same pictures again. By referring to books, blogs & even billboard on the road, I will inspire to do the same thing as they did. So I always challenge my self to get the kind of photos I have never shoot before. There’s a lot of inspiration to make us do better than we have now. Not just local, we should look globally. The most admired photographers are often trying their best to make a different.

A friend asked me how to make people laugh. There are lot of ways to make people laugh. By making provocation, by making fun of them (not recommended sometimes if you don’t know them well), by asking them to do something they couldn’t and by giving them specific instruction that will tie them. At the end, you’ll see different side of them.

When you go to places you never been before, I’m pretty sure you’ll see things that make your photos different. It is not necessary to go some place far away from home. Maybe if you look at your back yard, bush next to your residence, your nearby small town, or even a coffee shop.

But I heard a method that used by a professional to train their apprentice. Print great photos from around the world that inspire you. Every morning you wake up, look at that photos. Just the photos in your collection. Do it for a month or so. You brain will memorize and you can manipulated your memory with that great photos. Good luck!

I had pleasure shooting Alin Rafei & Faiz Salleh portraiture session at The Mossy Forest, Cameron Highlands yesterday and it was a full circle moment. At the end of the night we had toasted to love, happiness and hard work. I am incredibly proud of their effort to make this session success.

#iPhonegraphy with Arif Amsyar

All this while I uploaded iPhone photos to only. So harini bila ternampak awan kepul-kepul & langit biru, terus kensel pegi pasar malam Taman Kluang Barat, bawak wifey & Amsyar ke sawah sagil. Melepas la cik puan nak makan nasi kerabu. Gambar dalam entry ni mempergunakan Apple iPhone 4 camera sepenuhnya.

Sehari dua ni memang nampak cuaca sangat baik. Tapi tak berpeluang nak ambil gambar. Bila dah ada anak ni, kena pikir masa-masa yang sesuai nak bergerak. Masa dia tidur. Masa dia dah betul-betul kenyang. Masa dia tengah segar. Jadi kalau nak bawak dia, kena ada Wifey sekali. Kalau nak pegi sorang-sorang, kena tunggu Amsyar tidur dulu. Jadi kalau cuaca cantik, tapi Amsyar tak sediapun tak boleh jugak. So bagi siapa-siapa yang dah berkahwin dan masih belum ada cahaya mata tu, janganlah bersedih. Ni semua tuhan tentukan, Dia nakkan korang enjoy dulu berdua sementara tunggu masa untuk korang dapat cahaya mata sampai.

Kalau ikut specification iPhone 4 ni, lens is a 3.85 mm f/2.8 lens. Tapi kalau ikutkan 35mm film camera format, camera iPhone 4 ni sama dengan 30 mm f/22. ISO paling rendah sampai iso80. Memang mencabar nak guna camera iPhone 4 ni kalau dah biasa dengan dSLR. Kena lebih tekun kalau nak dapatkan hasil yang baik. Aku pernah terbaca iPhone 4 ni boleh pasang penyambung untuk lens 50mm slr. Aku sangat berminat kalau betul ada.

Lebih mencabar gunakan kamera iPhone ni bila dah gelap sikit. ISO paling tinggi mungkin iso570 je aku rasa. Dan tak mungkin boleh kawal bila dah gelap sangat. Aku cuba buat backlight tadi. Pun tak menjadi juga. Kalau buat silhouette memang cantiklah. Lagi satu masalah ialah tak boleh nak kawal white balance iPhone 4 ni. Mungkin aku perlu download apps camera+ kot next time.

Kesimpulannya, camera iPhone 4 ni dibawah par benbanding dengan kamera kompak yang kebanyakkan dipasaran. Kalau nak print 4R atau nak display di web, memang mencukupi. Jadi kalau nak gunakan masa vacation, lebih baik bawak kamera kompak.

Portraiture Session – Family – Pre/Post Wedding – Cameron Highlands

Yes, It’s true! I am offering promotion for casual couple portrait (not wedding gown portrait, but if you want to, your choice) or family portraiture with your sons for just RM650.00 with FREE Poster Frame 2x2feet! Check out the package Above, and contact me for reservation !

2 days slot open for photograph @ Cameron Highlands:
16th July (Saturday) : 10am to 12.30pm & 1.30pm – 7.00 PM
17th July (Sunday) : 7.30am – 11.00am & 1.30pm – 4.00 PM

cameron highlands trip day 2

The second day. I’m still occupying my 50mm 1.8 lens all this while. Saw those Philippines photographers group brings their most expensive telephoto lenses. I believe they captured more exciting photos there. I think I should change wide angle lens as well, but it just not the right spot and view. My ‘less-expensive-not-luxury-lens’ was so useful after all. Although in some cases I have to merge photos for great panoramic scene, I prefer that way.

Pay RM5 for Butterfly farm at Brincang. Amsyar almost ate of of them! We were riding up to Mount Brincang to go to The Mossy Forest. It was 7KM drive up on the mountain. So challenging for a sedan like mine to get up there. With so much rocky road, it took about 1/2hrs to get there. The weather was great up there. We have to hike the path up upon mossy forest where you can see clouds passing by you. Amazing…

But we couldn’t spent more time up there since Amsyar already getting mad. So we left mossy forest around 12+ and go to Boh plantation. Unfortunately Amsyar already fall asleep while we arrived. So no photos of him at the tea plantation.

We go down to Big Red Strawberry park for late lunch. We had delightful vacation at Cameron Highlands. Will be coming back in two weeks for group vacation with The Exceeded!

cameron highlands day 1

The first day – 50mm become my favorite lens. Walaupun yang datang sini hampir semuanya dengan camera dan lens besar-besar, tapi aku jadi selesa dengan lens kecik & ringan ni. Masa-masa macam ni la baru terfikir kalau ada compact camera senangnya berjalan. Aku tengok minah arab, makwe jepun, semua bawak kamera kecik je. Tapi Malaysia semua bawak kamera besar dengan kit lens.

Dulu-dulu, orang tua kita pun cuma ada 35mm lens sahaja. Kemana-mana bawak kamera ni dan 1 lens sahaja. Jadi diorang kena kawal kamera dengan baik, kena compose betul2, kena kawal exposure dengan tepat. Lagi susah. Kita sekarang, gambar tak cantik boleh delete, snap balik. Pun jadi tak cantik jugak gambarnye kadang-kadang, selalunya lah. Sebabnya kekurangan ilmu basic DSLR. Jadi kalau pakai compact camera, atau prosumer kamera, dah tentu-tentu gambar cantik pasal ikut setting auto yang lebih baik dari kamera DSLR basic.

Kalau ada 35mm, mungkin aku akan pakai lens tu seharian. 50mm memang lebih sedikit ruangnya. Jadi kena jauh sikit baru dapat angle yang sesuai.

Esok sambung lagi episode seterusnya.

Cameron Highlands Trip (20)

Cameron Highlands Trip (19)

Cameron Highlands Trip (18)

Cameron Highlands Trip (17)

Cameron Highlands Trip (16)

Cameron Highlands Trip (15)

Cameron Highlands Trip (14)

Cameron Highlands Trip (13)

Cameron Highlands Trip (12)

Cameron Highlands Trip (11)

Cameron Highlands Trip (10)

Cameron Highlands Trip (9)

Cameron Highlands Trip (8)

Cameron Highlands Trip (7)

Cameron Highlands Trip (6)

Cameron Highlands Trip (5)

Cameron Highlands Trip (4)

Cameron Highlands Trip (3)

Cameron Highlands Trip (2)

Cameron Highlands Trip (1)

single lens photographer

Boh Tea Plantation, Cameron Highlands in my perspective. Only with Canon 50mm f1.8.

I was planning for sunrise photoshoot this morning. Unfortunately the mist is to heavy for the sun to come out. So I just drove to Gunung Brincang alone to capture the landscape. Just for 30 minutes, suddenly it started raining. So thats it.

divert from london to cameron

Sepatutnya aku dah berada di tempat lain masa ni. Minggu lepas lagi. Tapi last minute, projek tu tertangguh ke bulan 11…. Ada sedikit kecewalah. Cabaran betul bagi aku, kena terima jugak.

Bulan 11 belum tentu lagi aku dapat bagi komitmen. Sepanjang bulan tu aku dah terima tempahan, penuh 1 bulan. Mana mungkin aku dapat tolak lagi. Aku dah pun tolak beberapa job untuk bulan 7 ni. Sayangnya.

Jadi minggu ni aku aku decide bawak Amsyar & wifey ke Cameron Highlands. Kami babymoon ke sini tahun lepas. Dapat luangkan 1 hari je. Cameron Highlands jadi pilihan percutian kami walaupun buat kali ke dua. Ada plan nak ke Fraser Hill jugak, cuma tak jumpa apa attractions yang betul-betul menarik kat sana. Jadi harini aku bertolak seawal 6am dan sampai lebih kurang 12pm tadi. Sempat singgah ke Cameron Bharat Plantation sebelum check in The Heritage Hotel. Aku tak expect begitu ramai orang ke Cameron minggu ni. Rasanya esok dah tentulah jem kalau balik esok. Hmmm. Jadi ada harapan stay lagi satu malam ni. Kalau nak jalan2 harini pun tentu sana sini ramai orang. Aku plan nak ke Mossy Forest, Gunung Brincang harini kalau sempat. Nak naik atas tu je dah dekat sejam rasenye. Kalau cuaca baik, mesti nak kesana jugak main awan.

Now Amsyar tidur. Jadi kena tunggu dia bangun dulu barulah boleh jalan2 or pergi makan. Till then…

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