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nizam + suliza { the wedding – tangkak }

One thing I never write in this blog is about the condition of my mom. She’s 71 years old this year. Her condition: not well..

She has been taking medication ever since I was born, 27 years ago for diabeties n hi blood preasure. 5 years ago, she had a heart attack, severe, so we sent her to IJN for treatment.

So after the treatment, For a couple years, she goes back to better condition. She can do almost everything at home like nothing happen to her. But every 6 month we’ll have to bring her for check up. All medication provided by IJN. A huge plastic bag each time. We have to monitor all drugs she takes.

I live with her ever since. Even after college I came back and live with her. Just the two of us. After I marrying my lovely wife, I still live with my mom. Fyi, I have 12 siblings. I’m the last one. So I’m happy to take the responsibilty to take a good care of my mom.

After 5 years of the last treatment she had, her heart is spoiled again…. She had a heart attack more often now. I’m afraid to leave her all alone….

hafiz + nate { solemnization – bandar penawar }

Hafiz & Natelia (84)
Hafiz & Natelia (83)
Hafiz & Natelia (82)
Hafiz & Natelia (81)
Hafiz & Natelia (79)
Hafiz & Natelia (78)
Hafiz & Natelia (77)
Hafiz & Natelia (76)
Hafiz & Natelia (75)
Hafiz & Natelia (74)
Hafiz & Natelia (73)
Hafiz & Natelia (72)
Hafiz & Natelia (71)
Hafiz & Natelia (70)
Hafiz & Natelia (69)
Hafiz & Natelia (68)
Hafiz & Natelia (67)
Hafiz & Natelia (66)
Hafiz & Natelia (80)
Hafiz & Natelia (65)
Hafiz & Natelia (64)
Hafiz & Natelia (63)
Hafiz & Natelia (61)
Hafiz & Natelia (60)
Hafiz & Natelia (59)
Hafiz & Natelia (58)
Hafiz & Natelia (57)
Hafiz & Natelia (56)
Hafiz & Natelia (55)
Hafiz & Natelia (54)
Hafiz & Natelia (53)
Hafiz & Natelia (52)
Hafiz & Natelia (51)
Hafiz & Natelia (50)
Hafiz & Natelia (49)
Hafiz & Natelia (48)
Hafiz & Natelia (47)
Hafiz & Natelia (46)
Hafiz & Natelia (45)
Hafiz & Natelia (44)
Hafiz & Natelia (43)
Hafiz & Natelia (42)
Hafiz & Natelia (41)
Hafiz & Natelia (40)
Hafiz & Natelia (39)
Hafiz & Natelia (38)
Hafiz & Natelia (37)
Hafiz & Natelia (36)
Hafiz & Natelia (35)
Hafiz & Natelia (34)
Hafiz & Natelia (33)
Hafiz & Natelia (32)
Hafiz & Natelia (30)
Hafiz & Natelia (29)
Hafiz & Natelia (28)
Hafiz & Natelia (27)
Hafiz & Natelia (26)
Hafiz & Natelia (25)
Hafiz & Natelia (24)
Hafiz & Natelia (22)
Hafiz & Natelia (21)
Hafiz & Natelia (20)
Hafiz & Natelia (19)
Hafiz & Natelia (18)
Hafiz & Natelia (17)
Hafiz & Natelia (16)
Hafiz & Natelia (15)
Hafiz & Natelia (14)
Hafiz & Natelia (13)
Hafiz & Natelia (12)
Hafiz & Natelia (11)
Hafiz & Natelia (10)
Hafiz & Natelia (9)
Hafiz & Natelia (8)
Hafiz & Natelia (7)
Hafiz & Natelia (4)
Hafiz & Natelia (6)
Hafiz & Natelia (3)
Hafiz & Natelia (2)
Hafiz & Natelia (1)

One thing that I always love in photography is colors. Colors are the smiles of the nature. Apart from that, all what I need to get the right colors is light. Getting the right color is the most important thing I have to do before composing. In certain condition of light, I can’t get the exact color that I really want. Thank god I can control my camera to manipulate the system to get different colors from that specific moment.

On the other hands, I also love black & white photos. But seriously, it’s not an easy subject. To get the right black and white photos needs more concentration. A simple colored photos is not easily transformed into black and white with single touch. It needs correct exposure, enough black and the right light as always. Simplicity is needed in black & white portraits. But it worth learning. Believe me.

yuhana + afnan { engagement – batu pahat }

The Engagement of Yuhana Sarikat & Afnan Othman – 16 September 2011 – Batu Pahat

Do you know the fact that I shoot over 1600pcs of photos for two days of events? On average I shoot 600pcs of photos for solemnization or engagement and the rest on reception & portraiture session. From there I have to select the best 100-120pcs to be added into the wedding diaries. It took’s hours in order to do that.

Usually I select & edit the photos right after I get home. Itupun kalau tak penat. But sometimes it takes weeks to finish since I have more than 1 event in a week. So let say I have 2 nikah & 2 reception in a week, I have to select the best 240 photos out of 3200pcs. Selection takes times. Editing need a lot more times. Arranging in an album need a day…

So that’s why I always remind beginner to get the basic knowledge first before jump into wedding photography. If you control your camera well, you can simply save half of your time on editing & selection step if you know what I mean. Believe me, time is all you need once you get into my position…

dayanita + herey { reception – parit raja }

I’ve been seriously busy for the past two weeks. Lots of event need my assistant. And I’m in the need to get an assistant as well. Seriously… If any one of you out there with passion & courage, eager to learn from me, just drop an email. I’m waiting for someone who can capture photos just as good as I did. But I want you to listen to every single thing I’m gonna say.

It’s easy to capture photos, but it takes courage & passion to create great photos. Learn from every one who have the knowledge. Don’t just jump eagerly into wedding without proper basic and advance knowledge. I used to study with manual focus camera for about two years before I started shoot wedding. From there I know how to handle my camera even in bad condition. So that I wont miss a thing.

If you ever goes to several wedding ceremony, you might experienced the crowd. Sometimes it gets to crowded where you can’t even breath freely, sometimes you can’t get good spot because it was taken by some other family members with iPhone. So from there you will know how to find some other safe spot.

Lighting is the most important matters in wedding. If you ever caught in location where you can’t get the right color for your subject, you’ll get depress. In order to get things right, you must have the ability to control you camera system properly. The camera was made by human, so it must have flaws. But you can fully control a camera to get the right setting so that you won’t be upset with the final result.

How do you able to do that? Get experience…

yana harmila – the other side

Apart from being a passionate photographer, Yana Harmila is a dedicated school teacher. I believe not everyone around her knows about this. She teaches a very challenging subject in primary school which takes a lot of her courage to educate. But until now, I believe she’s been teaching for about 6 or 7 years.

I’ve known her for the first time while attending a photography gathering, Ramadhan 2007 is my mind serve me right. Bermula dari situ kami mula rapat dan terus berhubung. Dari situ kami kenal Shazli, Trisno, Jasrizal dan ramai lagi dari kalangan jurugambar. We started to organize photography classes, outing sama-sama, dan kongsi pengalaman. Yana ada hampir dimana-mana sahaja kalau ada outing Shazli. Pengikut setia.

Pada permulaan Yana pegang kamera Nikon D40x, tetapi sekarang dah pun ada Canon 5D Mark II. But I guess she still miss the color of her old Nikon. Every now & then we keep sharing our knowledge. She was the earliest person I know when I first learn how to capture a photos, up until now.

So today we had a moment together after a very long time we haven’t met and talk about photography. I manage to capture few photos of her, so here it is. The other side of Yana Harmila that you haven’t seen before..

adda + nuar { solemnization – ayer hitam }

Majlis pernikahan Adda + Nuar – September 9 2011 di Ayer Hitam, Batu Pahat. I’m assisting Azhar Saad (Dedaun Photography). I am NOT the official photographer for the day. I just came as a friend. So bare in your mind this is just family members photos. Wait for official photos from the official photographer in charge.

Malam tadi sempat juga teman Azhar untuk majlis pernikahan ni. Datang untuk menonton, tak bawak flash pun. Hanya prime 50mm & 135 sahaja. Jadi maaflah kalau kualiti gambar sekadar ada. Semua persiapan majlis Adda & Nuar disediakan oleh Dedaun Bridal, Awe, Azhar & Askhar-Ashkar. Konsep pelamin kalau Dedaun yang buat memang meletup. Tak mungkin sama dengan mana-mana pelamin sedia ada di Batu Pahat – Kluang. Mini pelamin yang Awe buat sangat menarik. Simple yet elegance.

Adda & Nuar kawan aku dari sekolah rendah lagi. Aku tak ingat dari darjah berapa aku kenal Dayah ni. Malam tadi kawan-kawan kami dari sekolah rendah & menengah ramai yang hadir. Ada yang aku tak jumpa dah berbelas tahun lamanya. Ada yang anak dah besar. Kalau harini aku dapat join mesti lagi ramai yang boleh jumpa. Tapi tugasan sendiri lebih penting. InsyaAllah Ahad aku akan ke rumah mereka di Sri Lalang.

Hari dah mula hujan, walaupun kaji cuaca kata harini panas & berjerebu, tapi kuasa tuhan sapa boleh halang. Alhamdulilah syukur. Jadi cabaran untuk harini adalah ruang yang sedikit & cuaca yang mendung. Harapnya aku dapat kawal dengan sempurna. Amin…

dayanita + herey { solemnization – parit raja }

The solemnization of Dayanita Dahar & Herey – 9 September 2011 at Masjid Al-Syakirin, Parit Raja. Photography by Mohd Razali.


Genap sepuluh hari raya, suasana kemeriahan masih terara. Balik dari Muar dua hari lepas masih dapat tengok pelita dipasang di rumah-rumah kampung. Raya tetap meriah, cuma bila kita dah dewasa, kita tak merasakan kemeriahan raya tu seumpama ketika zaman lebih muda.

Kalau yang dah berumah tangga dan ada anak mesti lah lebihkan anak isteri dari diri sendiri. Tahun ni beraya bertiga dengan adanya Amsyar. Dah masuk 8 bulan umurnya. Baju pun dah tak banyak yang muat. Hari-hari biasa aku kerap latih Amsyar berjalan. Dia belum tumbuh gigi lagi, jadi mungkin boleh latih jalan lebih cepat daripada tumbuh gigi.

Sebenarnya kami ni tak sempat beraya kemana-mana lagi. Mula raya ke-5 dah kerja. Minggu ni pun kerja, minggu depan lagi kerja Jumaat-Ahad. Minggu lagi satu baru free. Bermakna minggu terakhir hari raya baru dapat jalanlah. Oh tak kisahlah, raya Melayu sebulan.

Majlis kalini di Masjid As-Syakirin, Parit Raja. Available light dalam masjid ni sangat memuaskan dan membuatkan aku cuba mempergunakan cahaya sedia ada sepenuhnya tanpa bantuan speed light. Walaupun dalam keadaan jerebu untuk beberapa harini, tapi caha sedia ada memuaskan. Dalam tempoh pembelajaran menggunakan cahaya sekeliling, banyak yang dapat dipelajari. Setiap keadaan kawasan berlainan white balance, dinding, lantai, tingkap semua memantulkan cahaya yang akan memberi impak kepada subjek. Jadi kalau tak berhati-hati, tak mudah nak dapatkan warna yang sekata. Mempelbagaikan suhu kelvin dalam white balance dapat hasilkan suasana yang berbeza pada setiap gambar. Itu yang aku dapat pelajari…

sarah + rob { batu pahat }

The wedding of Sarah Julia Ramsey & Iskandar Robert Cornick – 3 September 2011 – Dewan Jubli Intan, Batu Pahat. Photograph by Mohd Razali & assisted by Farol Moja.

Hari raya ke-5 mula bekerja semula. Setelah lebih 2 bulan berehat, menajamkan mata, mengasah minda, kini masa untuk mula mempelbagaikan pengalaman yang di timba. Ada lebih kurang 18 majlis lagi untuk 4th quarter 2011 ini.

Banyak perubahan akan di buat, dari segi teknikal, pemilihan gambar, penyusunan layout album, aksesori, jarak masa penyerahan album dan sebagainya. InsyaAllah. Sedang memantapkan disiplin diri untuk lebih maju.

Setiap hari aku belajar untuk memajukan skill & kreativiti. Jadi jangan pelik kalau hampir setiap minggu ada sahaja gambar Amsyar dalam blog ni. Aku sangat berminat untuk ambil gambar baby. Memang mencabar tak dinafikan, tapi cabaran itulah yang dicari. Dari cabaran, kesusahan kita boleh belajar macam mana cara mudah untuk selesaikan masalah.

I always thinking of upgrading my lens. Canon 50mm f/1.8 ni memang dah cukup baik dengan harga yang amat murah. Ramai yang tak sangka dengan lens murah boleh dapat kebanyakkan gambar yang ada dalam blog ni. Tapi dah sampai masanya untuk pergi lebih jauh. Aku perlukan ruang yang lebih luas dan d.o.f yang sedap dimata. Beberapa pilihan dah ada di dalam list, tapi belum ada modal untuk menampungnya. Jadi aku sedang tekadkan azam untuk menabung seberapa banyak yang ada untuk menampung satu lagi lensa idaman.

hashim + anne { batu pahat }

The Engagement of my own big brother Hashim with Anne.

Dalam keluarga, aku paling bongsu, tapi aku ada sorang lagi abang yang belum berkahwin. Jadi kiranya dialah paling bongsu. Harini kami menghantar rombongan pertunangan dengan gadis pilihan hati dia, Nurul Ain, di Batu Pahat. Maka hampir lengkaplah ceritera hidup dia, insyaAllah. Ikut perancangan, diorang nak langsungkan perkahwinan pada hujung tahun ni kalau tak ada aral melintang. Paling lewat, tahun depan katanya. Kita sama-sama doakan kelancaran segala perancangan diorang ye.

Ok enough. My life was so hectic for the last few weeks. Balik dari Indonesia, terus bertungkus lumus siapkan pending works yang menimbun. Just a week before raya, semuanya settle. Tapi belum dihantar hampir separuh. Jadi bagi clients yang nakkan album, silalah contact seberapa cepat lepas buat payment ye. Siang hari aku dengan Amsyar, jaga dia sambil mengemas rumah. Kadang-kadang dia tak nak di letak, terpaksa dukung sambil cabut rumput. Ada ketika dia boleh berdikari, main sorang-sorang dalam walker. Kalau nasib baik, dia tidur sampai 3 jam +. Tapi itu semua jarang-jarang berlakulah. Most of the time dia menangis kalau kena tinggal.

Bila dah dekat raya, kena siapkan barang-barang dapur. Ke Rengit cari ikan & daging. Ke Batu Pahat beli bawang & barang-barang kering. Maklumlah, keluarga besar, jadi bukan sikit-sikit barang nak kena sediakan. Tak semua dapat balik awal untuk tolong kemas rumah. Ada yang malam raya baru boleh sampai rumah. Jadi sapa yang ada kenalah siapkan semuanya. Tahun ni mak tak buat kuih. Mak selalu kena serang sakit jantung. Lemah sampai tak boleh nak bangun. Jadi ada baiknya duduk diam. Malangnya mak ni bukan jenis reti duduk diam…

Bila hari raya, sibuk dengan baraan kampung. Hari raya pertama dari pagi sampai ke lewat petang ikut marhaban raya dari hujung ke hujung kampung. Walaupun tak besar mana, tetap sehari suntuk jugak nak habiskan. Penatnya ya ampun… Raya ke-2 baru lah dapat beraya rumah mertua. Melayan sedara mara wife pula kat sana. Malam pulak bermaaf-maafan dengan adik beradik kami. Itu tradisi dari dulu lagi. Kebiasaanya malam raya kedua atau ketiga, kami semua berkumpul & bermaaf-maafan.

Setiap tahun macam ni lah aktiviti wajib aku tika hari raya. Penat. Tapi seronok. Keluarga besar, meriah & macam-macam perangai. Tahun ni ada 2 family je yang tak dapat beraya bersama. Satu di Australia, satu lagi di Kuala Lumpur.

Raya ke-5 aku dah mula kerja. Task untuk kali ni agak mencabar berbanding sebelumnya. Jadi aku harap dapat buat kelainan untuk kali ni. InsyaAllah….

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