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amsyar in a dreamland

I always admire how Australian photographer can create beautiful scenery into a magical land in photograph on kids photography. From them, I tried to create our own dream world. I thought weather was the main reason their photos become amazing, but I was wrong. I found that few of their photos were taken in Bali & Thailand which was amazingly outstanding just like they taken in their hometown! And now I believe that camera handling & editing is their strongest weapon. I’ll find a way to create my own weapon. InsyaAllah..

So today I bring Amsyar to a very nice spot which is a little different from any other places I photograph him before. This is only temporary season I believe and soon to be demolish. So enjoy the photos guys.

azlan + ezra {solemnization pasir gudang}

Azlan & Ezra were married on a beautiful Friday afternoon at Masjid Jamek Pasir Gudang, surrounded by their loving family and friends. Re-live this day with me… it was pretty perfect.

Azlan & Ezra, thank you for letting me be a part of this very special ceremony, and for trusting me as much as you did. I can’t express how incredible experiencing the ceremony was. Wishing you both all the very best, and hope you had a wonderful and relaxing honeymoon. Congratulations again to the happy couple!!!

And special thanks to Trisno for being an awesome company second shooter – you were awesome to work with and hope our schedules allow for future collaborations!

faris + aini { the reception – batu pahat }

It’s been a crazy weeks. I have so much to tell you, share with you, and show you!! So many new friends I’ve made, so many new couples and families I’ve met, and so many people I’ve learned from Aini & Faris I’m talking about you!. I am going to dedicate a whole day this week writing all the thoughts that have been floating in this brain of mine. Not sure if they were the most excellent ideas ever, but they were definitely thought provoking for little Foto by Razali.

The wedding was held in Batu Pahat. In the midst of all of this learning and rising, I got to go and photograph the gorgeous Faris and Aini on their wedding. Thank you for being such a beautiful soul.

Then again, I met another group of beautiful girls that makes wedding ceremony the most happening. The Polkadots! If you ever browse my blog from before, I have another group of girls who have been hiring me for 3 of their best friends wedding, The Gurlfriends. I always pleased to see how friends get together like this.

I had such a wonderful time with you both and your joyous family + friends. It felt so special to be the one to be able to capture the memories from your beautiful day. I hope these photos help you remember every second of that most perfect day. Wishing you all the pleasure and love in the world… you both deserve it.

hafez + jahiza { reception – yong peng }

Hafez and Jahiza were married on Saturday, in front of all of their beautiful family and friends. The next day was their reception ceremony in Yong Peng. The weather was shiny. Like, super duper sun shiny. In fact, two days later, I can still sensation the heat on my pores. Even my heart felt warm! Although I could safely say that that particular warmth was caused by the love these two shared for one another. Family from Johor and all over Terengganu came to celebrate them. And having gotten to know these two, it doesn’t surprise me one bit that they travelled all this way to witness their marriages.
Hafez and Jahiza, wishing you both the happiest of delighted lives together. May there be much more laughter and travelling for you both.

Special thanks goes out to my talented friend from Dedaun Bridal, who came out with great ideas of this wedding dais, decoration & dress.

architectural elements

Architectural photography can be largely measured to encompass visions of the exteriors and interiors of local, commercial, religious, institutional, and engineering structures, as well as records of the growth of towns and cities. I often use architectural as foreground & background of portraits and wedding photos.

In our little town, we have very limited building and structure with amazing design. If you ever browse my photo since 2007, I love to use old building as background since that’s the only structure that I ever have in my place.

Until UTHM was redeveloped… Now you might see numbers of futuristic architecture in my photo collection since last year. So other than neutral landscape green scenery, I have few other choices of photography elements. Leading lines, structure & repeating patterns.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

jazz + hafiz { solemnization – yong peng }

Thank you, Jahiza and Hafez, for being such a graciously warm + genuinely thoughtful couple. I know I can speak for myself when I say it was an absolute an honor to have been there. So today we will be going to have fun together on you wedding day! Cheer up!

amsyar + raisya

Hi everyone. This is the story about two little boy and girl who spend a weekend together. Arif Amsyar & Raisya Adrianna. Enjoy!

This is such a boring weekend. I wish I someone come over and play.

Oh please…. You guys can’t speak my language. I need someone who can understand me. 

“meowww, I hate this boy…”

Raisya: It’s a wonderful long weekend. I wanna hang around with my boy friend. Lets call him first. 

He’s at home. Ok I wanna surprise him. 

I’ll bring few toys so we can play. A bucket is enough.

He always this late. I get used to it.

Hey whats up? Sorry I’m late. Put my little brother to sleep first.

I understand. Lets go over there. You can drive my car.

Bye ma, we’ll be back. Don’t have to call us. 

Amsyar: Hey have you visit JPO? I heard there’s lots of branded premium shop over there.

Raisya: Ahh… I don’t wanna wear outdated fashion. Last time I wear burberry leather tote, my schoolmates laugh at me you know.

Amsyar: Oh, pity you. Well, we should just have some lunch. I prefer salads since you looks like gaining weight.

Raisya: How dare you!

Raisya: Eh someone is taking our photos. Make serious face so that he’ll be afraid. I hate stalkers.

Amsyar: OK don’t worry. I’ll act stupid. 

Raisya: It’s time to go home. Here I bought you some snack from KL.

Amsyar: Oh thanks Raisya. This is why I love you so much.

Raisya: Sweet talker. Ok bye hun.

Raisya: Ma, can you pick me up please? I’m at Amsyar’s. Thanks ma.

Misha: Girl where have you been? I’ve been searching for you. I came here just now but you weren’t there.

Raisya: Ma, I’ve told you I’m hanging out with Amsyar the moment you went go to the groceries.

Misha: Oh I didn’t hear that. I wont worry if you guys together. Having fun?

Raisya: Well, it was wonderful as always. We had fun.

Raisya: Bye Amsyar. I’m gonna miss you.

Amsyar: Please come again! I’m gonna miss you darl!

2013 Wedding Photography Promo

Wedding Photography Package 2013 - Foto by Razali

For bride to be 2013, enjoy than normal rate of my wedding photography package if you book before November 2012. Get RM200 discount for 2 events booking (Nikah+Sanding). Pick your desire dates and submit an inquiry.

Photography is one of those things that seems like everyone dabbles a bit in and quite a few people nowadays own very high quality digital cameras. In an attempt to save money, there is a new trend among brides of having a friend or family member take their wedding photos. While this may initially sound like a good idea, investing in an experienced wedding photographer should be one of your top priorities.

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion. There are no ‘do-overs’, so you need a professional that you can trust. So much time is invested in finding the venue, choosing the perfect flowers and of course making sure your cake is as lovely as it is tasty. After your wedding is finished and you leave your venue, the flowers have wilted and all that yummy wedding cake has been eaten … how will you remember these things? If you’ve taken the time and money to invest in the perfect wedding photographer, you can rest assured. High quality, bright, beautiful wedding photos will be there to help you remember your day! You’ll have photos of your groom tearing up as he sees you walking down the aisle, a vision, in the perfect dress. You can look back upon how happy your guests were chatting, celebrating your day. Every detail from your shoes, his tux, THE dress and even the jewelry you wore will be well documented so that someday you can show your children.

What if, for arguments sake, you decided to forgo hiring a professional wedding photographer and hired a friend of the family to take your photos. He or she owns a digital camera, loves photography and has even taken photos of a few newborns that look great! Wedding photography cannot be THAT much different, right? Wrong. In wedding photography you generally get what you pay for. Yes, there is a chance that you may love the photos of a family friend, but is saving a few dollars on wedding photography worth the risk that you won’t? Wouldn’t you much rather adjust your budget in other details? Great wedding photography is so much more than just owning a high quality camera. Lenses, flashes, backup equipment in case something goes wrong, not to mention the EXPERIENCE of knowing what to shoot when and how are just a few of the important things that a professional will bring to the table. You wouldn’t let your sister’s boyfriend take your tonsils out even though he loves watching E.R., wanted to go to medical school and knows quite a few people who have done it, would you? Just like anything else in life some things are much too precious to trust to anyone but a professional.

Finding the perfect photographer is the best gift you can give each other on the big day. It sounds cheesy but we tell our clients all the time that wedding photos are your first family heirloom. Make sure when you are making the important decision on whether or not to go with a pro that you consider what you are really paying for … memories.

farol + cake { post-wedding – melaka }

I totally love traveling for wedding. Even if this travel is only near my place, it permits me to actually take in a stunning new scene, and challenge myself to photograph possessions a bit differently. Farol + Cake post-wedding was a beautiful excuse to get away from lovely Ayer Hitam and photograph in one of the most gorgeous historical place in this country.

I think I’m incredibly lucky to have a profession where I get to do what I love. But at the end of the day, I know that it’s my clients, my brides, and my families, which actually make me feel very lucky. Sure, taking photos is fun – but having people appreciate me is somewhat I don’t take for granted and something I am so very grateful for.

Farol & Cake thank YOU for being such thoughtful, caring friends. It was such a pleasure to be there with you and celebrate you two on the most unique day of your lives. I loved being a part of your families and hearing everyone loves words about you both. I hope these photos help you remember the happy, stunning, pleasing day!

Maybe some other times we can come back to Melaka for another visit, for our most favorite mango juice, and the atmosphere.

smile like you mean it


Amsyar is 13 month today. He grown up so fast I dont even realize. Or maybe time fly and pass us by in a blink. If you still remember, I photograph his portrait few month ago with a honey bee suit. Now he cant even put his legs on that pants anymore…

Lucky he have adik, Arif Hakimi. Soon they can get along together. So its gonna be more fun capturing them both..

jessie + nick { pre-wedding – part 2 }

Will it rain? Will it not rain? The threatening weather forecasts made Jessie + Nick all the more prepared for their lovely pre-wedding on Wednesday… and no; it did not rain (luckily). How could it? These two just spread warmth and kindness, and I’m convinced that their pure will for sunshine made it splendidly beautiful all day long.
Theirs was my last pre-wedding for 2011 – and I am so extremely grateful to them and all of my gorgeous couples this year. Thank you for making 2011 such a joyous 12 months of growth, happiness, delight, success, and and and!!! I’m so excited that I get to end the year with Jessie and Nick and their completely perfect day. A billion thanks.
Foto by Razali is closed until the Chinese New Year… so happiest of holidays to you and yours, and enjoy the festive time off!

new super hero!


My dear wife safely giving birth of our new super hero 11.55pm 4th of Jan 2012, just a moment ago! ALHAMDULILLAHHH.

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