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amsyar 1st birthday

Dear Amsyar,

Happy birthday, our little man. I can’t believe a year has flown by already. One year ago, I was outside the labor room waiting for you to coming out. I was excited to have you in my life, but I can honestly say I had no idea how much joy you would bring because I had no idea this much joy even existed. Since you’ve entered our life, we have experienced every emotion on a whole other level. You’ve brought so much laughter and happiness into this home and our big family. Thank you for giving us the best year of our life so far.


Abah & Mama

p/s: Thanks a lot to Farol, Aidil & Onald to photograph this celebration
pp/s: Thanks to everyone who coming over and giving him so much present.

farol + cake { the wedding – ayer hitam }

Farol & Cake - The Wedding - Foto by Razali -

Farol & Cake: I was overjoyed to be a part of your day and now a part of your lives. Everything about your magical wedding day was absolutely perfect, and the love you two share is overwhelming and pure. Sometimes people enter your life to make it better; change it forever. Farol & Cake are two of those people. They are kind, generous, thoughtful and in love.

Farol was a good friend of mine since we were still in primary school. We met around 20 years a go if my mind serve me right. Since then we were very close. When in high school, we spent the whole afternoon skateboarding, sometimes until late at night. We even travel to some other places to find a good place & other skateboarders. So after school, we were separated to find our future. But still, we always connected.

In 2007, Farol bought a camera. He was the only one around us who own a DSLR. That was the first time I had the feeling holding a decent camera. And from that moment, we started our photography learning & journey. He is now a very well know wedding photographer in Kuala Lumpur. I am still living in this small town.

In the midst of all of this learning and growing, I got to go and photograph the gorgeous Farol and Cake on their wedding day (see their portraiture session here!). Their love story is a beautiful one, and I loved every second of our time spent together. Cake: you are the sweetest, kindest, bravest bride (walking through fields where there could have been snakes! Oh my!). You’re gracious and loving, thoughtful and considerate. Thank you so much for trusting me every step of the way… it’s meant the world to me. And Farol: Cake is so incredibly lucky to have found someone as caring as you. You are what every groom should strive to be: a man who seeks to protect and love and cherish his beautiful wife. Thank you for being such a beautiful soul.

And thanks a lot to every photographer who accompanied us on that day. I couldn’t thank you guys. Hope we met again on next photographer’s wedding this year!

Deco, Dais, Photo booth, Attire, Make up by gorgeous wedding planner : Dedaun Bridal & Photography

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