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Fida & Syed + Akid – Johor Maternity Portraiture

Happy Ramadhan to all Muslims friends out there! It’s the 7th days now and everything run smoothly. I’ve been busy since I came back from Mabul with lots of photos to process and managing my family. Just before Ramadhan, I manage to capture two couple for maternity portraiture. You might read the other entry here. Aziah & Fida are best friends from high school. I’ve met Fida & Syed after the hire me for their wedding. From there I met their groups of girlfriends and we become so close. I’ve documented 4 of their couple for wedding photography. Lots of fun working with them! And now I documented their next chapter of their lives.

These two have been together since university – they have been together for quarter their lives! Isn’t that so incredible? You can really see how in tuned they are to each other, like completing each other’s sentences and talking so much alike – it’s really like talking to one person. It’s amazing to witness their strong connection. When Akid came into their lives it brings such a great changes to them and their girlfriends. Akid already warming up to his little brother.

They’re still the same giggly couple, but I could also see how much they have grown. Needless to say, they are a very special family to me. Just like her first pregnancy, Fida just glowed. She carries the bump so beautifully. I feel like their growth parallels my growth since they have been with me since earlier day of this business.

Enjoy “Anyone Else But You – The Moldy Peaches”

Shahir + Nadia – Mabul Island Destination Photography

Nadia & Shahir are just the cutest. I love how they laugh together and how much they adore each other. They contacted me about shooting their wedding, but I was already booked. Lucky for me, I still get to be part of this journey by getting to document their honeymoon period! I have planned a trip to Mabul island few months ago. They interested to join the trip with us so I arrange the whole trip for them as well. Five days in total which includes 4 islands hopping which is Mabul island, Kapalai island, Bohey Dulang Island & Maiga Island. Islands of Semporna, Sabah was the perfect location to document the early chapters in their lives. Trust me it was such a tiring trip, but all of us enjoyed the whole week.

I love the way they adore each other and just how they really complete each other. I really love how timeless these photos came out. We got there just in time to catch sunrise (yes, that’s early for me!), but it was such amazing light. Sunrise there looks like sunset here in Mabul. The time runs fast so we only had few minutes before it gets hotter. Clear cold sea water makes us wanna swim. And yes we swim all day & night here.

After Mabul, we visited Bohey Dulang island with most mesmerising view on earth I’ve ever seen. They really grateful being up there although we had like 10 stop along the way up there. It was already noon when we reached the hill top. We spent few hours before we went back to the jetty. After lunch, we stop by Maiga island and spent the whole afternoon at this amazing paradise. Check out the beautiful light below. Maiga have great landscape of coconut trees. Glad we bring along fish eye lens borrowed from Yana.

Nadia & Shahir, I am so lucky to have met you both! You two are really amazing people and I’m so honored to document this journey for you! Can’t wait for your next step, a baby girl maybe!

Enjoy “Love You Till The End – The Pogues”



Zaki + Aziah – Batu Pahat – Maternity Portraiture

Can you feel their fun personalities in all these photos? It’s exactly how an maternity session should be. Carefree, fun, and youthful. Preparing upcoming new born baby sometimes makes mothers stress. So let’s get out of your bed and have fun! I was estatic when Aziah called me to document their first pregnancy! I love how she just looks like so bright. She is such a goddess!

Pregnancy is such a beautiful thing. This is one of the milestones that I look forward to witnessing after a client’s wedding. Even though I couldn’t document their wedding while I have another assignment, I’m happy to be able to preserve the memories of their maternity. Yes, it’s a girl! I can’t wait to meet the little fellow in a few weeks! You two are going to be such wonderful parents!

Opus Orange ft. Lauren Hillman- Almost There

Hana + Azmi – Mabul Island Portraiture

Happy July! Can’t believe we’re about half way through the year already! omg time flies. I really wanted to get this blog post up two days ago, but I just got back from a (fabulous) shoot in Sabah and needed a day to readjust. And yesterday I got 2 sessions of maternity photoshoot. Get comfortable though because this session was well worth the wait! Hana contacted me last few weeks when they finds out about our trip to Sabah. They live in Johor Bahru and just got back from Krabi for their honeymoon. I love how couples have been really embracing destination photos. I love the carefree spirit that only a vacation can bring out. Hana & Azmi brought a wedding dress for this trip. They wanted to feel the warmth of the island and still having the tone of wedding. That’s what I love about my job. But I spare the session for another special blog entry later. So for now I let you enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mabul island, Bohey Dulang island & Maiga island. Those there island located in Semporna, Sabah.

Bohey Dulang located in Tun Sakaran Marine Park with tremendous view from top of the mountain. It’s not really high but takes some breath to get 600meters up there. It was an awesome experiences that can never be exchange for anything. We also stop by Maiga island, it wasn’t on the original plan that I arranged but suggested by our fellow friend from Semporna to visit that tiny island. We spend almost 6hrs at the island and mesmerise by the beauty and culture of native people here. And for the brides & groom, they didn’t expect to get in the water with the Bajau Laut boat, but had a blast. We manage to rent a boat from local people and let the couple ride the boat. It was real fun and romantic.

The day ended so beautifully… We head back to Semporna tiredly.

Enjoy – Payphone – Alex G Acoustic Cover

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