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The busy life of an explorer


Lets see how far can I carry this job. I love seeing the world I never be before, I love to drive long distance, I love the rules I can just wear short pants & round neck tshirt to a meeting, I love to communicate with an english guys with New Zealand ascent which I hardly understand. I love to go for another adventure every day. I love the fact that I can enter just any private property area and not get caught. I love when I finds an huge empty grass field that I can listen to the sounds of breeze hitting the grass. I love the productions manager who lead this team politely giving me compliments like Hugh Grant acting in Notting Hill. I litterary love the two tone of my skin tanned every day.

But the thing is, I have very limited time with my family. I’m fully occupied the whole week and going to be busy on the weekend for weddings. I have abandonded my blog for almost 3 weeks. I hate I couldn’t find my socks every morning. I skip lunch most of the days. OK I lied, I only skip twice. I hate when I have to drive 1 1/2hrs to the studio and suddenly the meeting was cancelled and this guy told me “this is what I told you when we welcome you to the movie business earlier the crazy parts always come to your way”. Hopefully not today.

So lets see how far can I go.

Azmi & Hana – Mabul Island Destination Wedding

Something trigger me out when Azmi text me yesterday asking for location that I posted on instagram, oh god I didn’t post Azmi & Hanna portraiture in Mabul with their wedding dress just yet! Guilt comes into my nerves. Lol. Remember the love shoot I share on this blog about 2 months ago? So here are few more shoots from another session we had. Azmi & Hanna bring wardrobe styling and setthat they borrow from their wedding planner. A dusty pink wedding dress, that fits them very well. We spent the whole morning around the island having fun with the sun & beach. I couldn’t be happier shooting this portraiture session for such a deserving couple! Aren’t they just the cutest? Mabul is a very small island that you can circle in just half an hour. They’re really one of the sweetest people I’ve met and I’m so happy to have met them, and capture their story for them.

Please enjoy this lovely song – Pencuri – Mark Adam

Amalina & Nasriqul – Batu Pahat Wedding Photographer

Amalina & Nasriqul were both final year of a medical student from UIA. There were planning for this marriage since third year. In fact, they’re having an exam right after this event. I don’t know how they manage to do that! They’re both young and always happy couple that makes so fun photographing them. The event held in Taman Peserai, Batu Pahat, Johor attended by close relative & thousands other friends of her father who is a great teacher in this town. I even met lots of my teacher from high school at this wedding.

The weather was great all day until late afternoon. I’m glad that I manage to get to the place I wanted to in time. It was a little late for a portraiture session but I able to get few great shots after all. The beach was about 30km from bride’s place and just few more minutes to Muar. I have been here 3 times for portraiture but still haven’t discovered all the wonder just yet. Planning to come again with my family sometimes later.

Oh please enjoy your weekend while browsing these pictures.

Please enjoy this lovely song – Tak Perlu Keliling Dunia – Gita Gutawa

Melaka with Heroes

…and here we are again. Melaka. When I came back from Tioman last week, I have an unpleasant surprise new to hear, my brother had a complication while having his bypass heart surgery at IJN in critical conditions. I was on my way to Melaka at that moment for another portraiture with all my great friends. I decided to go back home and pack, rush to KL. We spent few days in KL giving moral support to my brother’s family, which I believe has been through so much for the rest of the months. He has to stay in ICU unit for few more days until the entire supporting device taken off.

So we went back home after pretty sure he is in stable condition. On our back, we visited Melaka for few hours. It was quite late when we arrived. Amsyar enjoy Cendol Clock Tower so much. Adik Kimi had much fun running here and there. I have thousands of unprocessed raw photos of our travel but haven’t gotten the right time to share. So this is just one of dozens other trip I share. Hope you guys don’t get bored of what I share. 🙂

Please enjoy this lovely song – Ku Bahagia by Sherina

Aidil + Sara – Tioman Island Destination Photography

I missed the chances to documents Sara & Aidil most beautiful moment of their wedding. That’s was one of most frustrating things I did this year. But after all, I have the chances to bring them along to Tioman Island for a honeymoon. We spent wonderful 3 days at Salang Beach with full of joy. They’re playful, romantic, and so happy in love. I made flower crown out of flower vine and a hand bouquet for Sara to hold. It wasn’t that pretty but when Sara had it on her hands & head, it looks wonderful on her! I love how they laugh together and how much they adore each other. I am so glad that I bring along bunch of companions to this session. They make Sara & Aidil laugh a lot and also make them tired. Lol. Great to have you guys. I’ll make sure we’ll set another interesting trip to some other great places. I only bring a single lens for this whole trip which is 85mm that makes a very limited crop for all these photos. Hope you guys enjoy it.

If any of you guys planning for a honeymoon and would like an intimate photography for your memory, drop me an email. 🙂

Please enjoy this lovely song – The Rainbow

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