amsyar new ride


Just yesterday, we stop by a bicycle shop on our way to Batu Pahat. I saw a really nice bike that can carry 40kg of loads and can also put a toddler on it.

So I put Amsyar on it and ride around the shop. He was so excited! By the time I take him away, he cried… The main purpose I went there was just to buy a seat that can carry him on my mom’s bicycle. Unfortunately the seat doesn’t look safe for a toddler. I really like the bicycle, and so does Amsyar + my wife. So I spent few hundreds bucks to get this bicycle home. I’m broke. Lol.

We had a few minutes ride yesterday once we reaches home. And today I spent an hour riding him to Sawah Sagil. He was so happy about it. I’ll make this my daily routine if possible when I’m not working.

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