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The busy life of an explorer

Lets see how far can I carry this job. I love seeing the world I never be before, I love to drive long distance, I love the rules I can just wear short pants & round neck tshirt to a meeting, I love to communicate with an english guys with New Zealand ascent which I […]

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smile like you mean it

Amsyar is 13 month today. He grown up so fast I dont even realize. Or maybe time fly and pass us by in a blink. If you still remember, I photograph his portrait few month ago with a honey bee suit. Now he cant even put his legs on that pants anymore… Lucky he have […]

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amsyar new ride

Just yesterday, we stop by a bicycle shop on our way to Batu Pahat. I saw a really nice bike that can carry 40kg of loads and can also put a toddler on it. So I put Amsyar on it and ride around the shop. He was so excited! By the time I take him […]

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The Greatest View

    I’ve just got back from picking up my spectacle. So now im in the middle of getting used to shooting with spectacle. It’s kinda hard, but I must admit I cannot fight glare… Oh today, I capture an amazing moment while the birds taking off from the dead trees. As usual, using an […]

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birds and the tree

If only the lights would dim a little, I’m wary of eyes upon my scars… #iPhonegraphy  

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