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Azmi & Hana – Mabul Island Destination Wedding

Something trigger me out when Azmi text me yesterday asking for location that I posted on instagram, oh god I didn’t p...View full post »

Melaka with Heroes

…and here we are again. Melaka. When I came back from Tioman last week, I have an unpleasant surprise new to hear, my ...View full post »

Aidil + Sara – Tioman Island Destination Photography

I missed the chances to documents Sara & Aidil most beautiful moment of their wedding. That’s was one of most fru...View full post »

Shahir + Nadia – Mabul Island Destination Photography

Nadia & Shahir are just the cutest. I love how they laugh together and how much they adore each other. They contact...View full post »

Hana + Azmi – Mabul Island Portraiture

Happy July! Can’t believe we’re about half way through the year already! omg time flies. I really wanted to get this...View full post »

anne + fakhrul

Happy July!  Can’t believe we’re about half way through the year already!  Time flies. I rarely visited my own blo...View full post »

azie + fahmi { portraiture }

Well hi. How are you? Whatchya doin? Really… um so thats cool. awkward silence Let’s talk some picture business inst...View full post »

amsyar in a dreamland

I always admire how Australian photographer can create beautiful scenery into a magical land in photograph on kids photo...View full post »

amsyar + raisya

Hi everyone. This is the story about two little boy and girl who spend a weekend together. Arif Amsyar & Raisya Adr...View full post »

farol + cake { post-wedding – melaka }

I totally love traveling for wedding. Even if this travel is only near my place, it permits me to actually take in a stu...View full post »

jessie + nick { pre-wedding – part 2 }

Will it rain? Will it not rain? The threatening weather forecasts made Jessie + Nick all the more prepared for their lov...View full post »

new super hero!

My dear wife safely giving birth of our new super hero 11.55pm 4th of Jan 2012, just a moment ago! ALHAMDULILLAHHH. View full post »

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