hani + yazid { the wedding – melaka }

Hani & Yazid (1)

Hani & Yazid were married on friday, in front of all of their beautiful family and friends. The weather was shiny. Like, super duper sun shiny. In fact, two days later, I can still feel the heat on my pores. Even my heart felt warm! (Although I could safely say that that particular warmth was caused by the love these two shared for one another.) Family from Umbai and all over Malaysia came to celebrate them. And having gotten to know these two, it doesn’t surprise me one bit that they travelled all this way to witness their big day.

They came to my office few month ago to save the date and discuss details of their wedding ceremony. Yazid asked me weather I can shoot in front of everyone at Jonker Street, Melaka. I said It would be wonderful experience! So on their wedding day, we go to few other places for portraiture session & Jonker street was the last place we visit. It was really pack with tourist from local & international. I ask them not to move a bit while everyone look at them, I shoot from pretty far away from them to make sure everything around is captured. They did it sucessfully! I’m really proud of them to fight my challenge.

Hani & Yazid, wishing you both the happiest of happy lives together. May there be much more laughter, fruit picking, and travelling in store for you both. Much much much love.

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