nizam + suliza { the wedding – tangkak }

One thing I never write in this blog is about the condition of my mom. She’s 71 years old this year. Her condition: not well..

She has been taking medication ever since I was born, 27 years ago for diabeties n hi blood preasure. 5 years ago, she had a heart attack, severe, so we sent her to IJN for treatment.

So after the treatment, For a couple years, she goes back to better condition. She can do almost everything at home like nothing happen to her. But every 6 month we’ll have to bring her for check up. All medication provided by IJN. A huge plastic bag each time. We have to monitor all drugs she takes.

I live with her ever since. Even after college I came back and live with her. Just the two of us. After I marrying my lovely wife, I still live with my mom. Fyi, I have 12 siblings. I’m the last one. So I’m happy to take the responsibilty to take a good care of my mom.

After 5 years of the last treatment she had, her heart is spoiled again…. She had a heart attack more often now. I’m afraid to leave her all alone….

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