raihana + alif { solemnization – batu pahat }

Majlis Pernikahan Raihana & Muhamad Alif – 08.10.2011 – Batu Pahat – Photograph by Mohd Razali

Working with MacBook is far greater challenging compared to a dekstop computer. Even this is a great machine, It couldn’t perform as good as my desktop. But glad that I have a portable machine like this. So that I can work even while I’m on duty of taking care of my mom at IJN. To process 50 photos takes 4hrs using MacBook pro, but it might take just 2-3hrs to precess using my desktop.

I haven’t had enough sleep. Too tired, 2pm last night I couldn’t stand anymore. So I fall asleep infront of my macbook while waiting for the photos to be uploaded. 5am nurses came in for checkup routine. Up until now I still hasn’t sleep. I hope I can take a nap while no one came in this afternoon.

So now I’m waiting for someone else to come and rotate with me while I can have a lunch with Farol. It’s been a while since I last visit KL. For those who wanted to meet me, we may set a meeting near IJN or National Library. If you like a portraiture session is also possible since I bring my camera with me, the only problem is you have to pick me since I didn’t bring my car along.

Oh, you may visit the Raihana, bride’s blog for the details of her wedding. She was a creative wedding blogger and also web designer. Well then, see ya.

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