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amsyar 1st birthday

Dear Amsyar,

Happy birthday, our little man. I can’t believe a year has flown by already. One year ago, I was outside the labor room waiting for you to coming out. I was excited to have you in my life, but I can honestly say I had no idea how much joy you would bring because I had no idea this much joy even existed. Since you’ve entered our life, we have experienced every emotion on a whole other level. You’ve brought so much laughter and happiness into this home and our big family. Thank you for giving us the best year of our life so far.


Abah & Mama

p/s: Thanks a lot to Farol, Aidil & Onald to photograph this celebration
pp/s: Thanks to everyone who coming over and giving him so much present.

happy birthday amsyar!

Amsyar 1st Birthday

So this is how 1 year boy looks like. Energetic! He only sleep for 2 hours yesterday, so excited to celebrate his birthday. Even after his celebration, Amsyar doesn’t even tired at all. He spends few more hours unboxing presents he get from our dear friends. Only after 10pm, when we drove out to get dinner, he fall asleep.

Thanks everyone for coming to our celebration, and not to forget the presents! Happy birthday Amsyar!


Photo taken by Farol Moja (newly wed!)

amsyar is 1!!

Arif Amsyar 1 Years Old

A year ago, at this very moment, I was in front of labor room waiting for my precious one to come out and see the world. 1.50am on 17th of December 2010, Arif Amsyar was born. He brings joy to me and my wife. And so do everyone around us. Alhamdulillah…

I am very thankful for everyone who always follow how Amsyar’s doing. Just few hours ago, I receive an email from my blog reader who hide his/her identity asking me to beware while bringing Amsyar to the place we shoot. This kind person notice from one of the photo, Amsyar was chewing a poisonous flowers called Yellow Jessamine. I was terribly shock. I am so thankful someone notice and even remind me not to do that again.

We live in a ‘kampung’, I was grown up in a place where snakes can be easily seen crawling near our place. So I care less about the surrounding and this kind of place. I am not aware of any kind of poisonous flowers or herbs tree that shouldn’t be near my kids. So thanks a lot to the kind person who emailed me earlier.

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