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Fida & Syed + Akid – Johor Maternity Portraiture

Happy Ramadhan to all Muslims friends out there! It’s the 7th days now and everything run smoothly. I’ve been busy since I came back from Mabul with lots of photos to process and managing my family. Just before Ramadhan, I manage to capture two couple for maternity portraiture. You might read the other entry here. Aziah & Fida are best friends from high school. I’ve met Fida & Syed after the hire me for their wedding. From there I met their groups of girlfriends and we become so close. I’ve documented 4 of their couple for wedding photography. Lots of fun working with them! And now I documented their next chapter of their lives.

These two have been together since university – they have been together for quarter their lives! Isn’t that so incredible? You can really see how in tuned they are to each other, like completing each other’s sentences and talking so much alike – it’s really like talking to one person. It’s amazing to witness their strong connection. When Akid came into their lives it brings such a great changes to them and their girlfriends. Akid already warming up to his little brother.

They’re still the same giggly couple, but I could also see how much they have grown. Needless to say, they are a very special family to me. Just like her first pregnancy, Fida just glowed. She carries the bump so beautifully. I feel like their growth parallels my growth since they have been with me since earlier day of this business.

Enjoy “Anyone Else But You – The Moldy Peaches”

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