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Melaka with Heroes

…and here we are again. Melaka. When I came back from Tioman last week, I have an unpleasant surprise new to hear, my brother had a complication while having his bypass heart surgery at IJN in critical conditions. I was on my way to Melaka at that moment for another portraiture with all my great friends. I decided to go back home and pack, rush to KL. We spent few days in KL giving moral support to my brother’s family, which I believe has been through so much for the rest of the months. He has to stay in ICU unit for few more days until the entire supporting device taken off.

So we went back home after pretty sure he is in stable condition. On our back, we visited Melaka for few hours. It was quite late when we arrived. Amsyar enjoy Cendol Clock Tower so much. Adik Kimi had much fun running here and there. I have thousands of unprocessed raw photos of our travel but haven’t gotten the right time to share. So this is just one of dozens other trip I share. Hope you guys don’t get bored of what I share. 🙂

Please enjoy this lovely song – Ku Bahagia by Sherina

amsyar in a dreamland

I always admire how Australian photographer can create beautiful scenery into a magical land in photograph on kids photography. From them, I tried to create our own dream world. I thought weather was the main reason their photos become amazing, but I was wrong. I found that few of their photos were taken in Bali & Thailand which was amazingly outstanding just like they taken in their hometown! And now I believe that camera handling & editing is their strongest weapon. I’ll find a way to create my own weapon. InsyaAllah..

So today I bring Amsyar to a very nice spot which is a little different from any other places I photograph him before. This is only temporary season I believe and soon to be demolish. So enjoy the photos guys.

amsyar + raisya

Hi everyone. This is the story about two little boy and girl who spend a weekend together. Arif Amsyar & Raisya Adrianna. Enjoy!

This is such a boring weekend. I wish I someone come over and play.

Oh please…. You guys can’t speak my language. I need someone who can understand me. 

“meowww, I hate this boy…”

Raisya: It’s a wonderful long weekend. I wanna hang around with my boy friend. Lets call him first. 

He’s at home. Ok I wanna surprise him. 

I’ll bring few toys so we can play. A bucket is enough.

He always this late. I get used to it.

Hey whats up? Sorry I’m late. Put my little brother to sleep first.

I understand. Lets go over there. You can drive my car.

Bye ma, we’ll be back. Don’t have to call us. 

Amsyar: Hey have you visit JPO? I heard there’s lots of branded premium shop over there.

Raisya: Ahh… I don’t wanna wear outdated fashion. Last time I wear burberry leather tote, my schoolmates laugh at me you know.

Amsyar: Oh, pity you. Well, we should just have some lunch. I prefer salads since you looks like gaining weight.

Raisya: How dare you!

Raisya: Eh someone is taking our photos. Make serious face so that he’ll be afraid. I hate stalkers.

Amsyar: OK don’t worry. I’ll act stupid. 

Raisya: It’s time to go home. Here I bought you some snack from KL.

Amsyar: Oh thanks Raisya. This is why I love you so much.

Raisya: Sweet talker. Ok bye hun.

Raisya: Ma, can you pick me up please? I’m at Amsyar’s. Thanks ma.

Misha: Girl where have you been? I’ve been searching for you. I came here just now but you weren’t there.

Raisya: Ma, I’ve told you I’m hanging out with Amsyar the moment you went go to the groceries.

Misha: Oh I didn’t hear that. I wont worry if you guys together. Having fun?

Raisya: Well, it was wonderful as always. We had fun.

Raisya: Bye Amsyar. I’m gonna miss you.

Amsyar: Please come again! I’m gonna miss you darl!

smile like you mean it


Amsyar is 13 month today. He grown up so fast I dont even realize. Or maybe time fly and pass us by in a blink. If you still remember, I photograph his portrait few month ago with a honey bee suit. Now he cant even put his legs on that pants anymore…

Lucky he have adik, Arif Hakimi. Soon they can get along together. So its gonna be more fun capturing them both..

amsyar 1st birthday

Dear Amsyar,

Happy birthday, our little man. I can’t believe a year has flown by already. One year ago, I was outside the labor room waiting for you to coming out. I was excited to have you in my life, but I can honestly say I had no idea how much joy you would bring because I had no idea this much joy even existed. Since you’ve entered our life, we have experienced every emotion on a whole other level. You’ve brought so much laughter and happiness into this home and our big family. Thank you for giving us the best year of our life so far.


Abah & Mama

p/s: Thanks a lot to Farol, Aidil & Onald to photograph this celebration
pp/s: Thanks to everyone who coming over and giving him so much present.

amsyar new ride


Just yesterday, we stop by a bicycle shop on our way to Batu Pahat. I saw a really nice bike that can carry 40kg of loads and can also put a toddler on it.

So I put Amsyar on it and ride around the shop. He was so excited! By the time I take him away, he cried… The main purpose I went there was just to buy a seat that can carry him on my mom’s bicycle. Unfortunately the seat doesn’t look safe for a toddler. I really like the bicycle, and so does Amsyar + my wife. So I spent few hundreds bucks to get this bicycle home. I’m broke. Lol.

We had a few minutes ride yesterday once we reaches home. And today I spent an hour riding him to Sawah Sagil. He was so happy about it. I’ll make this my daily routine if possible when I’m not working.

happy birthday amsyar!

Amsyar 1st Birthday

So this is how 1 year boy looks like. Energetic! He only sleep for 2 hours yesterday, so excited to celebrate his birthday. Even after his celebration, Amsyar doesn’t even tired at all. He spends few more hours unboxing presents he get from our dear friends. Only after 10pm, when we drove out to get dinner, he fall asleep.

Thanks everyone for coming to our celebration, and not to forget the presents! Happy birthday Amsyar!


Photo taken by Farol Moja (newly wed!)

amsyar is 1!!

Arif Amsyar 1 Years Old

A year ago, at this very moment, I was in front of labor room waiting for my precious one to come out and see the world. 1.50am on 17th of December 2010, Arif Amsyar was born. He brings joy to me and my wife. And so do everyone around us. Alhamdulillah…

I am very thankful for everyone who always follow how Amsyar’s doing. Just few hours ago, I receive an email from my blog reader who hide his/her identity asking me to beware while bringing Amsyar to the place we shoot. This kind person notice from one of the photo, Amsyar was chewing a poisonous flowers called Yellow Jessamine. I was terribly shock. I am so thankful someone notice and even remind me not to do that again.

We live in a ‘kampung’, I was grown up in a place where snakes can be easily seen crawling near our place. So I care less about the surrounding and this kind of place. I am not aware of any kind of poisonous flowers or herbs tree that shouldn’t be near my kids. So thanks a lot to the kind person who emailed me earlier.

arif amsyar 11 months

Arif Amsyar 11 months (1)
Arif Amsyar 11 months (2)
Arif Amsyar 11 months (3)
Arif Amsyar 11 months (4)
Arif Amsyar 11 months (5)
Arif Amsyar 11 months (6)
Arif Amsyar 11 months (7)
Arif Amsyar 11 months (8)
Arif Amsyar 11 months (9)
Arif Amsyar 11 months (10)
Arif Amsyar 11 months (11)
Arif Amsyar 11 months (12)
Arif Amsyar 11 months (13)
Arif Amsyar 11 months (14)
Arif Amsyar 11 months (15)
Arif Amsyar 11 months (16)
Arif Amsyar 11 months (17)
Arif Amsyar 11 months (18)
Arif Amsyar 11 months (19)
Arif Amsyar 11 months (20)
Arif Amsyar 11 months (21)
Arif Amsyar 11 months (22)
Arif Amsyar 11 months (23)
Arif Amsyar 11 months (24)
Arif Amsyar 11 months (25)
Arif Amsyar 11 months (26)

Time fly so fast. Amsyar is already 11 months! Progress? Nothing much. It just that he talk too much. Oh not really talking that we can understand. Teeth? Not showing any sign just yet. Walking? No no he refuse to walk. So today we bring him to Perpat, a really nice isolated beach near our place just to let him play with sands & salt water.

There is something to surprise all of you, but I wont tell until next month. It is a good surprise. 🙂

Amsyar Nak Raya

Mama belikan Amsyar baju melayu untuk hari raya ni. Amsyar baru 8 bulan, no wonder la baju ni nampak besar. Tapi memang tak ada saiz baju untuk bayi below 1 year kot. Kalau nak jugak kena tempah sendiri lah. Amsyar nak raya jugak.

Amsyar dah semakin laju merangkak. Dia mula merangkak 2 minggu lepas, masa jemput mak balik dari umrah. Sejak dari tu kawasan jajahan dia makin luar sekarang. Kalau di lepaskan dalam bilik dia dah mula mengemas semua harta benda yang dia boleh capai. Paling dia suka ialah kipas komputer, ada lampu warna merah. Tak pulak sakit tangan dia bila kena kipas tu berpusing.

Waktu siang aku lepaskan dia dalam walker. Bila dia penat, dah bising-bising barulah letak dalam bilik, merangkak pulak. Bila dah betul2 penat, panaskan bubur, bagi makan. Siap makan baru boleh tidurkan. Itu pun kalau nasib baiklah. Kalau dia belum betul-betul penat, dia mesti main lagi sampai lah petang. Jadi masa kerja aku sangat terhad. Ada kalanya terpaksa ribakan dia sambil edit gambar. Ada masa lainnya dia dah sangat boring dalam rumah, menangis ajak keluar. So aku bawak dia ke belakang rumah, bagi itik makan. Gelak sakan bila dia nampak itik tak sabar tunggu makan.

Petang lepas makan & mandi baru jemput Mama balik kerja. Kadang-kadang tu dia tidur bila kena air cond. Kalau dia nampak mama masuk kereta, menggelitik melompat2. Agaknya kalau dapat terbang dia dah tangkap mama dia.

Tak sedar pun dah 8 bulan dia membesar. Sehari lebih kurang 2 jam waktu dia dalam kereta. Ulang alik Kluang 2 kali sehari. Itu yang mak kata budak ni membesar dalam kereta. Sampai je pukul 5 biasanya dia dah tak keruan duduk dalam rumah. Dah tahu masa untuk jalan agaknya.

Tahun ni first time beraya dengan Amsyar. Dia paling muda dalam family kami. Ada lebih kurang 40+ sepupu dia. Kalau balik semua tahun ni memang meriah yang amatlah. Kena bulilah jawabnya budak kecik ni…

Amsyar 8 months – Honey Bee

Yawn… I’ve been sleeping for just a while, I think. Or is it too long? Everybody else wasn’t in the hive. Where are they?

I’m hungry!!! Really I am.. I am a honey bee, I can survive even with broken wings.

What do you know? I’ll find another tree, I’ll make the wind my friend. I can sing with the birds, they’ll tell me the secret of this world.

OK Lets get something to eat. Don’t bother where everyone else has gone. My dear friend also stuck where he doesn’t wanna be. I’ll get my new friends helps me to bring him home even I have to face the queen.

I think I smell something really nice. Is it sunflower? Tulips? Durian? Ohh it’s smell soo good. I think my dear friend is near. So tonight I’ll bring my new friend Mr Giraffe to rescue him.

I can’t wait to get my hands on it… Ok my dear friend, let go back to our hive. You no longer have to stucked here forever. I have saved you and now that you’re with me.

We can make our honey! Aum nom nom nom… It smells good but taste bitter! Nothing sweet about it!

Let’s try again.. Onomnomnom…

Ahhh… I hate this flower! Yuckkk….

My little giraffe tasted better. Aha..

I have to chew his ear to get this bitter taste off my tongue.

Next time I have to wait for ma. She always cooks great puri.

So now let wait for her to come home, eat this little giraffe ears to kill some time.. Lesson learned. Wait for Ma.

Credit – Zee Avi – Honey Bee.
A secret portraiture session without the knowledge of Ma for Arif Amsyar 8 months birthday. He can’t actually fit the honey bee costume that Faiz’s bought last few months. It means Amsyar has grown so fast!

As usual, this session only use 50mm Canon f/1.8.

One, Two, Three Strikes You’re Out

I couldn’t resist a quick post. I just came back from shooting him and quickly upload this photos. So rather than just shooting portraits, I was interested on doing it different way each time. Daddy’s All Star today wear baseball shirt. Oh great, baby portraiture photoshoot baseball theme. So I bring him to the same place I shoot him with mommy Akmal summer theme earlier, few meters from our place. I was hoping for great sunset again, but still no luck for today…

I heard the sun were really close to earth in 4 days starting from yesterday. The sun was so huge yesterday. Let’s hope we’ll get the chances tomorrow. I’m dying to get the golden hour again. If you notice, in two weeks times the weather was very hot. Weather forecast said temperature reached 33 degree in afternoon. No wonder Amsyar melalak all day.

I couldn’t find my old baseball cap & baseball bat. The only this I can bring is the ball, which I think, older than me. My sister used to play soft ball while at secondary school. Mak said this ball belong to her. I saw her photos playing soft ball nominated third place while in 1986 if I’m not mistaken, I was 2 years old by that time.

Shooting 7 month baby was very challenging. You never know what happen next. I give him a ball, he try to chew it as he can swallow. The ball was 3/4 his head. So I only use Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens as usual to shoot his portraits. Glimpses into childhood playground is what dreams are made of….

Baby Amsyar Photography Baseball Theme (5)

Baby Amsyar Photography Baseball Theme (14)

Baby Amsyar Photography Baseball Theme (13)

Baby Amsyar Photography Baseball Theme (4)

Baby Amsyar Photography Baseball Theme (11)

Baby Amsyar Photography Baseball Theme (1)

Baby Amsyar Photography Baseball Theme (3)

Baby Amsyar Photography Baseball Theme (6)

Baby Amsyar Photography Baseball Theme (9)

Baby Amsyar Photography Baseball Theme (2)

Baby Amsyar Photography Baseball Theme (8)

Baby Amsyar Photography Baseball Theme (7)

Baby Amsyar Photography Baseball Theme (12)

Baby Amsyar Photography Baseball Theme (10)

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