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alin + faiz – day 1 { cameron highlands }

One way to enhance you idea is by seeing places or things you never look at before. I always wanted not to make same pictures again. By referring to books, blogs & even billboard on the road, I will inspire to do the same thing as they did. So I always challenge my self to get the kind of photos I have never shoot before. There’s a lot of inspiration to make us do better than we have now. Not just local, we should look globally. The most admired photographers are often trying their best to make a different.

A friend asked me how to make people laugh. There are lot of ways to make people laugh. By making provocation, by making fun of them (not recommended sometimes if you don’t know them well), by asking them to do something they couldn’t and by giving them specific instruction that will tie them. At the end, you’ll see different side of them.

When you go to places you never been before, I’m pretty sure you’ll see things that make your photos different. It is not necessary to go some place far away from home. Maybe if you look at your back yard, bush next to your residence, your nearby small town, or even a coffee shop.

But I heard a method that used by a professional to train their apprentice. Print great photos from around the world that inspire you. Every morning you wake up, look at that photos. Just the photos in your collection. Do it for a month or so. You brain will memorize and you can manipulated your memory with that great photos. Good luck!

I had pleasure shooting Alin Rafei & Faiz Salleh portraiture session at The Mossy Forest, Cameron Highlands yesterday and it was a full circle moment. At the end of the night we had toasted to love, happiness and hard work. I am incredibly proud of their effort to make this session success.

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