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The Down Under

Well hello everyone. Yup I know I’ve been silence all this while. Sorry about that. Things get messy and take times to fix that up. So I’ve been travelling to 3 countries last year but didn’t manage to write it up. Before continuing another journey tomorrow, let me share some photos that I’ve taken from the first country I’ve visited with my lovely wife while she was 34 weeks pregnant and the other two little boys.


Destination: Western Australia / Perth

Period: 21st to 29th September 2014

Transportation: Rent a car – Nissan Dualis+

Day 1

We had quite long haul flight from Johor Bahru to KLIA to Perth for family trip. This is the first time I’ve bring them for long haul journey. The longest we have been before this is only to Kota Kinabalu which only took 2hrs+ if my mind serve me right. Luckily these boys enjoy MAS cartoon theater  very much. They only sleep just for a while.

We arrived safely quite late that afternoon. Rather than spending all the time in the city, we decided to have a road trip to the southern Perth. Luckily I manage to arrange the car rental company to send our car to the airport before we fly. A very nice young man originally from Batu Pahat waiting for us with that car. The weather was quite cold since its nearly dark so we hurry get to our holiday park – Coogee Beach Holiday Park which is just about an hour drive from the city center. But before that we went to have a dinner at a Kebab shop near town and get some supplies for tomorrow.

Coogee Beach Holiday Park close at 6pm, we arrived around 8pm but luckily they leave the keys & map in their safe deposit box in front of their office. While we arrived, the park was full of campervan and local tourist. I didn’t realized it was long weekend for Ausie. Lucky enough we manage to book a room. But my original plan to hire a campervan wasn’t possible since most locals is travelling on that week.

The room was spacious although looks small from the outside. We have one queen size bed and two double deckers. The weather was extremely cold for someone like me and my wife. But the boys seems to enjoy it very much. We had a good night sleep and woke up nicely the next day. Luckily we had few left over from the Kebab’s last night, thats the best breakfast.

Day 2

I realize this holiday park situated just few steps from the beach. A realy nice beach I suppose. We bring the kids to the beach just for a walk but whoever knows my boys you’ll realize how cracy they are about beach. Amsyar runs toward the beach but didn’t realize how cold it is. He was so moody when I stop him from getting to the water. So to prevent them from jumping to the sea, we decided to move.

After checking out, we trying to locate the best way to enjoy southern coastal road. First stop, Fremantle. We spent bout 2 hours around this historical town and trying to have the best fish & chip in town, not lucky enough it was too early. So we decided to visit a supermarket. While wandering around, I found an Apple Store launching iPhone 6 the other day. Just trying my luck to go and ask, yes they have ready stock. So I bought a unit of iPhone 6 Plus, lots of photos in this gallery was using this phone. But later in the end of this trip I realize this phone is isn’t just for me. Bought a smaller iPhone 6 and give the Plus to my wife.






Amsyar Merajuk

Using the highway is quite boring. We get out of the main road to try out to reach farms that we saw from the highway. We took Ravenswood exit and explore the countryside beauty, then we realize the beauty of down under. The boys saw wild kangaroo in front of their eyes.  From here photos was taken using an iPhone.




Our journey was quite far that day. We arrived at Busselton late in the afternoon, spent few hours until sunset. Amsyar & Kimi was happy enough to find a beach and a railway track.




The sunset was mesmerising that made me forgot our next stop is still 1 1/2hrs drive away from this jetty. What make me didn’t worry much is because it is absolutely easy to find from point A to B in Perth. So even at night time last that day I managed to get to the next holiday park easily. Same situation happen again, we arrived really late at Margaret River – Riverview Tourist Park, they put room key in postal box. Spent two nights at this lovely little park and had a very nice memories.

 Day 3

As I wait for the boys to wake up, I spend the morning around the holiday park. There was a very nice river which I believe the Margeret River next to our home. Wild ducks playing around our home while friendly parrots asking for food. We can even hold feed the birds with hands. Amazing how friendly they are which I believe if they live in my place they will be dinners menu.


Walking in the bush was fun. No need to be afraid of snake or any other predators. The environment seems to be very natural.

We visited a chocolate factory that afternoon. Had the most luxurious taste of newly made chocolate and ice cream. My wife lost her purse when we went out. After 15 minutes trying to find it, she went back inside the factory to ask. They’re so generous to keep the purse in safe. Phew…

Next to the factory there are olives farm & winery. It is not in season yet but we get the picture how they grow the grapes & olive.











The next stop is The Sugarloaf Rock, a small granite island next to a national park. From this point we can see triangle-shaped Sugarloaf Rock rises dramatically up out of the ocean along the coast. I spent hours photographing this tiny island in such cold weather.








On our way back to the holiday park, we stumble across a very nice farm with lots of  wild flower by the road. We brings the boys to play with these beauty wild flowers.











Day 4

Well good morning sunshine & rainbow. We leave Margaret River after two night stay and headed to Albany. I decided to take the old road to see more country side. Well that wasn’t bad choices. Although some parts of the road was really boring coz we didn’t see any civilization for for hundreds of miles (or less), just jungle and dead kangaroos. Luckily we found few spots with amazing attractions. 

The trees looks just like in The Lorax animation movie! We don’t even know what its called, just stop by and enter the plantation using broken fence entrance while the boys sleep in the car.

Everybody knows how obsess my boys with train. In city of Perth, the train track can easily seen along the highway, so Amsyar keep his eyes on the road all the time and babbling about train. Just his luck, we cross Pemberton town and just in time for and train tour. The Pemberton Tramway Company is a privately operated tourist railway in the south west of Western Australia, which conveys tourists through deep forests and picturesque countryside as well as recreating the history of the timber railways that were so important to the regions development and growth. The railway uses paid and voluntary staff, and operates diesel hydraulic trams over a total route length of 10kms.

The train operator was really funny doesn’t stop making jokes all the way along with good information about this tram service. My boys enjoying the ride very much. I believed this was their dream all this time.

We hit the road back to get to Albany before dark. But that was just a plan. Along the was we found lots of beautiful spot to stop by. Weather was amazing that day. Not to cold, a lil bit hot just hot enough for me not to wear my jacket while taking this photos.


We arrived in Albany early evening just enough time for us to get some supplies. We headed to Albany Havana Villas to stay for a night.

Day 5

Story to be written. 












Along the way we found two windmill station, one of the biggest is in Sandpatch, Albany. Weather was cloudy all day long so bare with the quality of images from iPhone.


From Albany back to Perth, we took the Albany Highway which we tough at first will be boring. But the fact is I never got bored along this 400KM+ highway. Landscape was amazing with windmill, dairy farm & canola plantation along the way. Compared to the jungle road we took earlier, the only place we found national park / jungle was the last 60KM from Perth I think.

We stop by a few times trying to enter the canola farm but all of it was guarded by fences. We go further into a village until we saw a broken entrance fence. Just our luck. Even though this car is not entirely 4wd, I manage to get into the farm without getting stuck! (we got stuck once at the beach. lol).

I would say the canola farm landscape was such amazing. You couldn’t see where’s the end of the farm. And it laying all along the highway. We spent so much time in the farm that we missed enough time to reach Perth city. So we decided to stay one night on the highway motel in Armadale.










 Day 6

Motel wasn’t cheap as we thought. It is just the same price as one night at the holiday park. But even 1 star motel prove the provide wonderful service. Rooms was clean & large. They send us water heater & oven so that we still can cook coz they understand our needs as a muslim.

My sister was telling me that tulips is still season! We headed to a botanical garden just few minutes from our motel. We reached there too early, nobody’s there at the time we arrived. So I drove to nearest attraction which is a dam about 10km away to kill some time. Araluen Botanical Garden open at 9am. When we arrived there’s not so many people in there so we don’t want to wait so long for a tour. Walking in cold breeze weather doesn’t seem to make the boys tired. They was so happy with flowers they never seen before. Tulips still blooming but almost dying. After hours of walking around the garden, we move out before its get hotter. Perth is just few hours away from Armadale. My wife bought the most expensive kebab I have ever eaten my entire life before we boarded. Do not convert the currencies for food lol.




















We reached Perth city earlier than we tough. Spent few hours at Harbourtown spending all the cash left. Kaching! Similar to JPO, Harbour Town offer reasonable price for shoppers. Once we done with shopping, we went to the Blue Boat House just nearby the Kings Park. This unique boat house was one of main attraction for me to visit in the city. We went there twice, once in the afternoon and the second time in the evening. Lots of photographer came in the evening to capture the calmness landscape in this busy city.




We had a picnic at Kings Park that evening. Weather was amazingly beautiful that only photograph can describe. We let the boys run and play all they like in this huge park. Strawberry & Nutella is dirt cheap in Perth. Thats one of the menu for picnic. While sitting there, I make a reservation for our last 3 night in the city at Adina Apartment Hotel. This apartment hotel are highly recommended for family with kids coz it have spacious room, huge bathroom, kitchen & living hall.

Planning to do a day trip to Pinnacle Desert the next morning but have to cancel due to rainy season. So we missed the great ocean road adventure.








 Day 7

Visiting local farmers market is alway my plans when travelling. My sister have been living in Perth for quite some times before she went back home. So she suggested me to visit Waterford farmers market. They prepared everything they wanted to sell first until the organizer ring the bell at 7.30am. They squeeze oranges for fresh orange. The macaroon taste amazing. Fresh vegetable just like they harvest that very morning.  I was so excited till I forgot to take photos. Not long after that the rain falls so we go.



We went back to our apartment and leave the groceries. City center was just blocks away so we just walk to the town.








If you ever got the chance to go to Perth, don’t forget to visit these swan at Point Walter reserve. They’re so friendly even though live in the city. If you lucky enough you might find them hatching.







 Day 8

The last day before we fly back home I realized so many in the check list isn’t thick yet. So we tried to fit in everything in the schedule by that day. We went to Fremantle market in the morning, cruising thru the town for a while, visiting farmers market, get few souvenirs and all. Cicerello’s still not open yet so we come back in the evening.












Supposedly we visit Caversham Wildlife Park & Zoo in the morning but due to weather we start at 11am. Most of the kangaroo is already full. Not all of them eager to eat while we feed them. Kimi was trying to feed this huge kangaroo,  but he didn’t respond. You should see how Kimi’s reaction at than moment. Caversham Wildlife is clean and attractive. Lots of activities to do here. We left at 2.30pm and head back to Fremantle for Cicerello’s Fish & Chips.















 Day 9

Thousands of photos were taken. Lots of other stories to tell. This is all I can share before I may lost the memories. However good old memories will remains. Perth is a must visit city for families. If I have another chance, I will rent a campervan and stay a bit longer to travel in Australia. Tomorrow I will start another short backpacking travel. I still have 2 others stories that I haven’t share just yet. Japan Backpacking & Southern to Northern road trip. Till we meet again 🙂

End of story

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