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dayanita + herey { reception – parit raja }

I’ve been seriously busy for the past two weeks. Lots of event need my assistant. And I’m in the need to get an assistant as well. Seriously… If any one of you out there with passion & courage, eager to learn from me, just drop an email. I’m waiting for someone who can capture photos just as good as I did. But I want you to listen to every single thing I’m gonna say.

It’s easy to capture photos, but it takes courage & passion to create great photos. Learn from every one who have the knowledge. Don’t just jump eagerly into wedding without proper basic and advance knowledge. I used to study with manual focus camera for about two years before I started shoot wedding. From there I know how to handle my camera even in bad condition. So that I wont miss a thing.

If you ever goes to several wedding ceremony, you might experienced the crowd. Sometimes it gets to crowded where you can’t even breath freely, sometimes you can’t get good spot because it was taken by some other family members with iPhone. So from there you will know how to find some other safe spot.

Lighting is the most important matters in wedding. If you ever caught in location where you can’t get the right color for your subject, you’ll get depress. In order to get things right, you must have the ability to control you camera system properly. The camera was made by human, so it must have flaws. But you can fully control a camera to get the right setting so that you won’t be upset with the final result.

How do you able to do that? Get experience…

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