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Amsyar 8 months – Honey Bee

Yawn… I’ve been sleeping for just a while, I think. Or is it too long? Everybody else wasn’t in the hive. Where are they?

I’m hungry!!! Really I am.. I am a honey bee, I can survive even with broken wings.

What do you know? I’ll find another tree, I’ll make the wind my friend. I can sing with the birds, they’ll tell me the secret of this world.

OK Lets get something to eat. Don’t bother where everyone else has gone. My dear friend also stuck where he doesn’t wanna be. I’ll get my new friends helps me to bring him home even I have to face the queen.

I think I smell something really nice. Is it sunflower? Tulips? Durian? Ohh it’s smell soo good. I think my dear friend is near. So tonight I’ll bring my new friend Mr Giraffe to rescue him.

I can’t wait to get my hands on it… Ok my dear friend, let go back to our hive. You no longer have to stucked here forever. I have saved you and now that you’re with me.

We can make our honey! Aum nom nom nom… It smells good but taste bitter! Nothing sweet about it!

Let’s try again.. Onomnomnom…

Ahhh… I hate this flower! Yuckkk….

My little giraffe tasted better. Aha..

I have to chew his ear to get this bitter taste off my tongue.

Next time I have to wait for ma. She always cooks great puri.

So now let wait for her to come home, eat this little giraffe ears to kill some time.. Lesson learned. Wait for Ma.

Credit – Zee Avi – Honey Bee.
A secret portraiture session without the knowledge of Ma for Arif Amsyar 8 months birthday. He can’t actually fit the honey bee costume that Faiz’s bought last few months. It means Amsyar has grown so fast!

As usual, this session only use 50mm Canon f/1.8.

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