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Johor New Born Photography – Rania Auleeya

Meet the cutest (and oh so chubby) baby, Rania Auleeya. I can only imagine the joy and awe of being parents for the first time. This little girl will never be this tiny again. So crazy and amazing. Congrats to my clients Shazz & Wady on their beautiful daughter. You may recognise them back in my old blog in 2009. And a few years back, I mimic a dialoge between Rania’s sister, Raisya with my son Amsyar. It is fun to see them growing. 🙂

smile like you mean it


Amsyar is 13 month today. He grown up so fast I dont even realize. Or maybe time fly and pass us by in a blink. If you still remember, I photograph his portrait few month ago with a honey bee suit. Now he cant even put his legs on that pants anymore…

Lucky he have adik, Arif Hakimi. Soon they can get along together. So its gonna be more fun capturing them both..

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