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Melaka with Heroes

…and here we are again. Melaka. When I came back from Tioman last week, I have an unpleasant surprise new to hear, my brother had a complication while having his bypass heart surgery at IJN in critical conditions. I was on my way to Melaka at that moment for another portraiture with all my great friends. I decided to go back home and pack, rush to KL. We spent few days in KL giving moral support to my brother’s family, which I believe has been through so much for the rest of the months. He has to stay in ICU unit for few more days until the entire supporting device taken off.

So we went back home after pretty sure he is in stable condition. On our back, we visited Melaka for few hours. It was quite late when we arrived. Amsyar enjoy Cendol Clock Tower so much. Adik Kimi had much fun running here and there. I have thousands of unprocessed raw photos of our travel but haven’t gotten the right time to share. So this is just one of dozens other trip I share. Hope you guys don’t get bored of what I share. 🙂

Please enjoy this lovely song – Ku Bahagia by Sherina

2013 Wedding Photography Promo

Wedding Photography Package 2013 - Foto by Razali

For bride to be 2013, enjoy than normal rate of my wedding photography package if you book before November 2012. Get RM200 discount for 2 events booking (Nikah+Sanding). Pick your desire dates and submit an inquiry. www.mohdrazali.com/calendar.

Photography is one of those things that seems like everyone dabbles a bit in and quite a few people nowadays own very high quality digital cameras. In an attempt to save money, there is a new trend among brides of having a friend or family member take their wedding photos. While this may initially sound like a good idea, investing in an experienced wedding photographer should be one of your top priorities.

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion. There are no ‘do-overs’, so you need a professional that you can trust. So much time is invested in finding the venue, choosing the perfect flowers and of course making sure your cake is as lovely as it is tasty. After your wedding is finished and you leave your venue, the flowers have wilted and all that yummy wedding cake has been eaten … how will you remember these things? If you’ve taken the time and money to invest in the perfect wedding photographer, you can rest assured. High quality, bright, beautiful wedding photos will be there to help you remember your day! You’ll have photos of your groom tearing up as he sees you walking down the aisle, a vision, in the perfect dress. You can look back upon how happy your guests were chatting, celebrating your day. Every detail from your shoes, his tux, THE dress and even the jewelry you wore will be well documented so that someday you can show your children.

What if, for arguments sake, you decided to forgo hiring a professional wedding photographer and hired a friend of the family to take your photos. He or she owns a digital camera, loves photography and has even taken photos of a few newborns that look great! Wedding photography cannot be THAT much different, right? Wrong. In wedding photography you generally get what you pay for. Yes, there is a chance that you may love the photos of a family friend, but is saving a few dollars on wedding photography worth the risk that you won’t? Wouldn’t you much rather adjust your budget in other details? Great wedding photography is so much more than just owning a high quality camera. Lenses, flashes, backup equipment in case something goes wrong, not to mention the EXPERIENCE of knowing what to shoot when and how are just a few of the important things that a professional will bring to the table. You wouldn’t let your sister’s boyfriend take your tonsils out even though he loves watching E.R., wanted to go to medical school and knows quite a few people who have done it, would you? Just like anything else in life some things are much too precious to trust to anyone but a professional.

Finding the perfect photographer is the best gift you can give each other on the big day. It sounds cheesy but we tell our clients all the time that wedding photos are your first family heirloom. Make sure when you are making the important decision on whether or not to go with a pro that you consider what you are really paying for … memories.

farol + cake { post-wedding – melaka }

I totally love traveling for wedding. Even if this travel is only near my place, it permits me to actually take in a stunning new scene, and challenge myself to photograph possessions a bit differently. Farol + Cake post-wedding was a beautiful excuse to get away from lovely Ayer Hitam and photograph in one of the most gorgeous historical place in this country.

I think I’m incredibly lucky to have a profession where I get to do what I love. But at the end of the day, I know that it’s my clients, my brides, and my families, which actually make me feel very lucky. Sure, taking photos is fun – but having people appreciate me is somewhat I don’t take for granted and something I am so very grateful for.

Farol & Cake thank YOU for being such thoughtful, caring friends. It was such a pleasure to be there with you and celebrate you two on the most unique day of your lives. I loved being a part of your families and hearing everyone loves words about you both. I hope these photos help you remember the happy, stunning, pleasing day!

Maybe some other times we can come back to Melaka for another visit, for our most favorite mango juice, and the atmosphere.

hani + yazid { the wedding – melaka }

Hani & Yazid (1)

Hani & Yazid were married on friday, in front of all of their beautiful family and friends. The weather was shiny. Like, super duper sun shiny. In fact, two days later, I can still feel the heat on my pores. Even my heart felt warm! (Although I could safely say that that particular warmth was caused by the love these two shared for one another.) Family from Umbai and all over Malaysia came to celebrate them. And having gotten to know these two, it doesn’t surprise me one bit that they travelled all this way to witness their big day.

They came to my office few month ago to save the date and discuss details of their wedding ceremony. Yazid asked me weather I can shoot in front of everyone at Jonker Street, Melaka. I said It would be wonderful experience! So on their wedding day, we go to few other places for portraiture session & Jonker street was the last place we visit. It was really pack with tourist from local & international. I ask them not to move a bit while everyone look at them, I shoot from pretty far away from them to make sure everything around is captured. They did it sucessfully! I’m really proud of them to fight my challenge.

Hani & Yazid, wishing you both the happiest of happy lives together. May there be much more laughter, fruit picking, and travelling in store for you both. Much much much love.

amsyar 5 month { melaka }

Genap 5 bulan kelahiran Arif Amsyar, harini dia kena injection 3 serangkai. Dia tak menangis pun kali ni. OK tahniah Amsyar. 2 bulan lepas dia meraung kejap masa kena inject tu. Alhamdulillah kali ni dia dah kuat.

Selesai. Tanpa plan, aku dan Akmal tuju ke Melaka. Mulanya nak ke JB je, tapi macam dah lama tak ke Melaka, teringin pulak. Lagipun memang nak cari kasut kat Mahkota Parade. Lepas makan, kami jalan ke Jonker pukul 5pm. Ingatkan hari-hari bekerja tak ramai yang ke Melaka. Tapi aku silap. Tak mungkin bandar Malacca ni lengang. Sempat lah jugak bergambar sekejap sekitar Jonker Street ni. Dah lama jugak rasanya aku tak sempat nak luangkan masa ambil gambar Amsyar & mamanya. Dapat peluang harini, ada bagusnya juga. Walaupun tak banyak, sekurang-kurangnya ada rekod tumbesaran anak aku ni.

Baby Arif Amsyar 5 Bulan (17)

Baby Arif Amsyar 5 Bulan (16)

Baby Arif Amsyar 5 Bulan (15)

Baby Arif Amsyar 5 Bulan (14)

Baby Arif Amsyar 5 Bulan (13)

Baby Arif Amsyar 5 Bulan (12)

Baby Arif Amsyar 5 Bulan (11)

Baby Arif Amsyar 5 Bulan (10)

Baby Arif Amsyar 5 Bulan (9)

Baby Arif Amsyar 5 Bulan (8)

Baby Arif Amsyar 5 Bulan (7)

Baby Arif Amsyar 5 Bulan (6)

Baby Arif Amsyar 5 Bulan (5)

Baby Arif Amsyar 5 Bulan (4)

Baby Arif Amsyar 5 Bulan (3)

Baby Arif Amsyar 5 Bulan (2)

Baby Arif Amsyar 5 Bulan (1)

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