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jessie + nick { pre-wedding – part 1 }

Part I

If I had my way, life would be filled with live music. Everywhere I’d go, there’d be a guitarist strumming his strings, or a pianist playing her chords. I’d be at the grocery store, picking the ripest, sweetest fruit, and there’d be a flautist playing lovely music in my ear, helping me along with my selection. Wouldn’t life just be so much more amazing with live music? I like to think so.

I met Nick and Jessie on a hot summery day in a raining season, and Nick had an old Olympus OM-1. “Surely it’s a prop,” I thought. But it wasn’t. He snap few photos using that old camera that he brought all the way from Hong Kong for his gorgeous fiance Jessie, while I floated off into a dreamy space where all I saw was beauty and love. It was as if my creative senses came alive whilst listening to Jo’s making jokes to make Jessie laugh. It. Was. Bliss.

Needless to say, looking over these images takes me back to that hot morning; a beautiful couple in love; a quiet acoustic sound filling the woodsy air. Hope you can feel the sounds through these images too. 🙂

A few more series will coming to you soon. Just you wait

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