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amsyar + raisya

Hi everyone. This is the story about two little boy and girl who spend a weekend together. Arif Amsyar & Raisya Adrianna. Enjoy!

This is such a boring weekend. I wish I someone come over and play.

Oh please…. You guys can’t speak my language. I need someone who can understand me. 

“meowww, I hate this boy…”

Raisya: It’s a wonderful long weekend. I wanna hang around with my boy friend. Lets call him first. 

He’s at home. Ok I wanna surprise him. 

I’ll bring few toys so we can play. A bucket is enough.

He always this late. I get used to it.

Hey whats up? Sorry I’m late. Put my little brother to sleep first.

I understand. Lets go over there. You can drive my car.

Bye ma, we’ll be back. Don’t have to call us. 

Amsyar: Hey have you visit JPO? I heard there’s lots of branded premium shop over there.

Raisya: Ahh… I don’t wanna wear outdated fashion. Last time I wear burberry leather tote, my schoolmates laugh at me you know.

Amsyar: Oh, pity you. Well, we should just have some lunch. I prefer salads since you looks like gaining weight.

Raisya: How dare you!

Raisya: Eh someone is taking our photos. Make serious face so that he’ll be afraid. I hate stalkers.

Amsyar: OK don’t worry. I’ll act stupid. 

Raisya: It’s time to go home. Here I bought you some snack from KL.

Amsyar: Oh thanks Raisya. This is why I love you so much.

Raisya: Sweet talker. Ok bye hun.

Raisya: Ma, can you pick me up please? I’m at Amsyar’s. Thanks ma.

Misha: Girl where have you been? I’ve been searching for you. I came here just now but you weren’t there.

Raisya: Ma, I’ve told you I’m hanging out with Amsyar the moment you went go to the groceries.

Misha: Oh I didn’t hear that. I wont worry if you guys together. Having fun?

Raisya: Well, it was wonderful as always. We had fun.

Raisya: Bye Amsyar. I’m gonna miss you.

Amsyar: Please come again! I’m gonna miss you darl!

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