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Diba + Amir – Pontian Wedding Photographer

Happy Sunday everyone. Been a while since my last update. If I haven’t replied your email yet, I will sooonnnn.

Meet Diba & Amir. A young lovely couple who decide to tie a knot after 5 weeks of knowing each other. Diba works at Terengganu where she met Amir who live & work there. The get married after few months of their engagement ceremony. The wedding held in a very classic wooden Malay house in Benut, Pontian. Most of their family members who comes to witness their big day are full of joy and happiness.

On the next day, the ceremony held in a huge community hall attended by relatives & friends from all over the places. After the wedding, we went to Wednesday Ditch Farm & Resort Pontian for portraiture session. We choose a horse named Blackie for this session. None of us have experiences handling horse! But still, it was fun to give it a try.

We visited the Malay house again after we finished at Wednesday. The Malay house is actually a home stay, they have like 4 wooden house which can cover up to nearly 100 pax per night i believe.

Congrats to Diba & Amir on a gorgeous wedding. Everything was perfect!

Please enjoy this lovely song Royal – Elizabeth Tan

Azizi + Nini – Ayer Hitam Wedding Photography

If you ever come across a cute couple in my blog, you need to look at this one closer. The most adorable couple award I give to them. Azizi & Nini are meant to be together. They are amazingly cute together. So cute that I could not narrow down their wedding photos and will have to post the entire ceremony and drag them to 2 portraiture session. They brought their traditional Malay outfit, Songket, which they customed ordered in Bandung a month before their big day. I love how it fit them very well! And I just love love love this last photo. They remind me of two lovebirds. Weather was great that day that kept me shooting all day long.

Anyway, awesome decoration for Pelamin & Photo booth made by Dedau Bridal. Make up done nicely by Ratu Bridal House.

Please enjoy this lovely song Penghibur Jalanan – Cover Elizabeth Tan

Madihah + Zaidi – Ledang Wedding Photographer

This was such a sweet session. Sweet couple. Sweet setting. I am so at peace when I look at this series. It was seriously hard to narrow down the photos for this post!! Madihah & Zaidi met back in high school, but shy to say that there are meant to be together. After years of knowing each other, Zaidi finally decided to put a ring on Madihah’s finger. Their parents house is just few miles away from each other. That what makes more interesting about them. They event was held at Madihah’s house at Gresik, Ledang. The solemnisation was small & intimate with close relatives from both side coming to celebrate their biggest day. It was so cheerful while some parts you can see a little tears upon their eyes.

After the ceremony, I bring them to a very nice beach just half an hour from their place. The weather was just great for an intimate portraiture session. We spent few hours on the beach with the help of no wind at all. lol.

On the next day, their parents have organize a huge ceremony and invite all the relatives from local, also not to forget from the northern, Kedah & Penang. All family members got the chance to celebrate their happiness and take some photos for memories. The food was just great. I had 2 pcs of ketupat with chicken rendang. Been a while since I see dishes like that. The ceremony ended late afternoon. We went to Sawah Ring, a very beautiful paddy field in this area. The heat makes me looks like coming out of the rain. But I love this kind of weather since I can get the best color of the bride & groom and also all the surrounding. We wrap the session at 6.30pm. It was tiring but worth the while after viewing all these photos.

Congrats you two on the perfect wedding for the perfect marriage!

Please enjoy this lovely song – Love bug by Jonas Brothers

amsyar in a dreamland

I always admire how Australian photographer can create beautiful scenery into a magical land in photograph on kids photography. From them, I tried to create our own dream world. I thought weather was the main reason their photos become amazing, but I was wrong. I found that few of their photos were taken in Bali & Thailand which was amazingly outstanding just like they taken in their hometown! And now I believe that camera handling & editing is their strongest weapon. I’ll find a way to create my own weapon. InsyaAllah..

So today I bring Amsyar to a very nice spot which is a little different from any other places I photograph him before. This is only temporary season I believe and soon to be demolish. So enjoy the photos guys.

baizura & khairul pre-wedding { ayer hitam, johor }

Setelah 2 tahun + gunakan sistem Nikon, kini aku berubah angin. Bukan satu yang mudah untuk migrate ni. Kos satu hal, nak belajar balik dari basic, nak kumpul lens, nak serasikan tangan… Semua tu memakan masa. Tapi aku tetap nak berubah. Mungkin dah terlalu penat mengolah gambar. Kini aku dengan sistem baru. Masih mentah lagi. Masih belajar lagi. Memang penat, tetapi berbaloi. Buat masa ni aku masih menggunakan warna asal dari kamera dengan olahan paling minima untuk semua gambar2 yang dihasilkan.

Dan aku masih berpuas hati…

Ini adalah cubaan pertama aku dengan kamera Canon 5D Mark II. Memang nampak terlalu merah. Tapi ini memang betul2 cubaan pertama. Jadi fahamlah hasilnya kan. Bakal pengantin ni aku bawa ke Sawah Sagil untuk sesi pre-wedding mereka. Cuaca yang kurang menarik selepas hujan sepanjang hari memang mencabar untuk dapatkan warna yang betul. Walau bagaimanapun memang Canon dapat hasilkan gambar yang lebih baik. Aku berpuas hati…

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