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Johor New Born Photography – Rania Auleeya

Meet the cutest (and oh so chubby) baby, Rania Auleeya. I can only imagine the joy and awe of being parents for the first time. This little girl will never be this tiny again. So crazy and amazing. Congrats to my clients Shazz & Wady on their beautiful daughter. You may recognise them back in my old blog in 2009. And a few years back, I mimic a dialoge between Rania’s sister, Raisya with my son Amsyar. It is fun to see them growing. ūüôā

amsyar + raisya

Hi everyone. This is the story about two little boy and girl who spend a weekend together. Arif Amsyar & Raisya Adrianna. Enjoy!

This is such a boring weekend. I wish I someone come over and play.

Oh please…. You guys can’t speak my language. I need someone who can understand me.¬†

“meowww, I hate this boy…”

Raisya: It’s a wonderful long weekend. I wanna hang around with my boy friend. Lets call him first.¬†

He’s at home. Ok I wanna¬†surprise¬†him.¬†

I’ll bring few toys so we can play. A bucket is enough.

He always this late. I get used to it.

Hey whats up? Sorry I’m late. Put my little brother to sleep first.

I understand. Lets go over there. You can drive my car.

Bye ma, we’ll be back. Don’t have to call us.¬†

Amsyar: Hey have you visit JPO? I heard there’s lots of branded premium shop over there.

Raisya: Ahh… I don’t wanna wear outdated fashion. Last time I wear burberry leather tote, my schoolmates laugh at me you know.

Amsyar: Oh, pity you. Well, we should just have some lunch. I prefer salads since you looks like gaining weight.

Raisya: How dare you!

Raisya: Eh someone is taking our photos. Make serious face so that he’ll be afraid. I hate stalkers.

Amsyar: OK don’t worry. I’ll act stupid.¬†

Raisya: It’s time to go home. Here I bought you some snack from KL.

Amsyar: Oh thanks Raisya. This is why I love you so much.

Raisya: Sweet talker. Ok bye hun.

Raisya: Ma, can you pick me up please? I’m at Amsyar’s. Thanks ma.

Misha: Girl where have you been? I’ve been searching for you. I came here just now but you weren’t there.

Raisya: Ma, I’ve told you I’m hanging out with Amsyar the moment you went go to the groceries.

Misha: Oh I didn’t hear that. I wont worry if you guys together. Having fun?

Raisya: Well, it was wonderful as always. We had fun.

Raisya: Bye Amsyar. I’m gonna miss you.

Amsyar: Please come again! I’m gonna miss you darl!

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