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cameron highlands trip day 2

The second day. I’m still occupying my 50mm 1.8 lens all this while. Saw those Philippines photographers group brings their most expensive telephoto lenses. I believe they captured more exciting photos there. I think I should change wide angle lens as well, but it just not the right spot and view. My ‘less-expensive-not-luxury-lens’ was so useful after all. Although in some cases I have to merge photos for great panoramic scene, I prefer that way.

Pay RM5 for Butterfly farm at Brincang. Amsyar almost ate of of them! We were riding up to Mount Brincang to go to The Mossy Forest. It was 7KM drive up on the mountain. So challenging for a sedan like mine to get up there. With so much rocky road, it took about 1/2hrs to get there. The weather was great up there. We have to hike the path up upon mossy forest where you can see clouds passing by you. Amazing…

But we couldn’t spent more time up there since Amsyar already getting mad. So we left mossy forest around 12+ and go to Boh plantation. Unfortunately Amsyar already fall asleep while we arrived. So no photos of him at the tea plantation.

We go down to Big Red Strawberry park for late lunch. We had delightful vacation at Cameron Highlands. Will be coming back in two weeks for group vacation with The Exceeded!

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