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Roadtrip Southern Thailand – Part 2

Roadtrip Southern Thailand V2 from Razali on Vimeo.


After successful previous Southern Thailand road trip August last year, we decided to make another journey for the second time. This time we tried not to visit any other places we’ve been before. So we choose Koh Lanta, Phuket & Satun as our destination. On the 2nd of Dec we arrived at Kulim for Zaidi & Amy wedding, the next day we say goodbye and cross the border after the reception. So thats why #jedikawenkamiygjalan instead of #RoadtripTH

Day 1 : Ayer Hitam – Kulim

Day 2: Kulim – Hat Yai

Once we arrived at Changlun, we went to the insurance agent that already been contacted to collect our insurance cert. Refueling before the border is important, even tho the fuel prices does not differ so much at that time, but still we manage to save a few bucks. We cross the border at 7pm (6.00pm Thailand) after some delay. Buying tourist sim card at Sadao (Danok) save us from roaming fees, but take lots of time. We planned to reached Khlong Hae Floating Market before checking to the hotel, but its a bit too late. However, we still having dinner at the market area. It was the rainy season by the time we arrived. Most of the vendor unable to run their business on the boat.

The next morning we went to Hat Yai morning market in the rain. It was quite early but the market is already full of people shopping groceries and monk collecting food for the temple. Nothing much we can get that morning, we decided to check out and move to next stop. From Hat Yai, we went straight to Koh Lanta. The journey took us around 6 hrs with a few stop at Trang for lunch. Most of the village was covered with flood along the way.

To get to Koh Lanta we have to get on a tug ferry which takes us around 15 minutes to cross. Weather seems very nice in Koh Lanta. We headed straight to the southern tip of Koh Lanta National Park for sunset. It was worth the drive through the steep road and nice beaches. An old lighthouse situated at the end of the marine national park. The lighthouse is not a special building, which has any historical or cultural value, but the view from the cliff is perfect. You can see the rocky sea with waves and all around panoramic view with nearest islands like Koh Rock, Koh Haa. The monkeys are pretty aggressive around the park so beware of your belongings. We spent the evening watching majestic sunset of the day. Is is indescribable. Go see for yourself.  It is very sad that I’m not allowed to bring the drone up here.

After having dinner we check-in to the hotel by the beach and stay for 2 nights.










Day 3 : Koh Lanta

We spent the whole day strolling beaches, Muslim villages, breakfast spot & night market. Koh Lanta is not as big as any other islands that you can drive in. No shopping mall, but 7-Eleven are everywhere. There’s quite a few beautiful island nearby that we can charter speed boat. We didn’t take any island tours coz it was cloudy the whole day. Most of the time we spent at the resort pool and the beach. We pack our food from the night market and dinner at the resort.



Day  4: Koh Lanta – Phuket

We’ve been to Krabi & Ao Nang quite a few times, it is best to skip for this trip. But along the way, we stop at Ao Nang having lunch before continuing to Phuket just because it was a long drive. It took us the whole day (with quite a number of break), coffee, local seafood snack, and food. Although it was a long drive, we didn’t feel that tired since enjoying Thailand beautiful scenery & also the good condition road. Phang Nga is a beautiful town by the bay, we stop by the river stall to try what we call here in Johor ‘siput gong gong’. We reached Phuket late that afternoon. FYI, we didn’t have proper planning where to go or which hotels to book. So while we on the road we keep looking for any interesting places to stay and hotels.

After the discussion, we decided to stay at Hill Myna Condotel near the Bang Tao beach. The condotel is inexpensive but luxurious, it is highly recommended if you’re looking for a family stay in Phuket. Our apartment completed with kitchen, washing machine, two bedrooms, dinner table, and sofa. The room is clean and large. Swimming pool & gym is just 1 floor down. They provide us with a bicycle is we want to stroll around. Not far from the condotel, there is a huge mosque surrounded by the Muslim community. We bought lots of delicious food for breakfast. Some of them can speak Malay fluently but most others prefer the Thai language.










Day 5 – Phuket

At 5 am, we experienced the earthquake shaking the bed like sleeping in a hammock. It was the same earthquake that happened 12 years ago in Acheh that cause Tsunami in Patong beach, not too far from our place. Luckily nothing bad happened.

After Subuh prayer, Fozan & I drove to the temple to photograph monks going to the market. Not our lucky day, it was raining and nothing much to photograph. We go to the market in front of Mukarom Mosque to get some breakfast. Some variety from Satey, roti canai and pulut ayam easily find here. You should try the satey, totally different that ours. Pretty much the same as the other day after a long drive, we spent the morning in the pool, strolling beaches, went to the market and all.

There’s a nice sunset spot quite far from our hotel, so we spent the afternoon from one beach to another. By the time we arrived Promptep Cape, it was the best time for sunset. I never thought this is a popular tourist spot. Thousands of tourist gathering to see the sunset. We hardly find a spot to get the shot. So I decided to go back to the car and get the drone. It’s was worth the hike… We took a photo just like in one of Thailand stamp.







Day 6: Phuket – Satun

Phuket is a very nice island. It’s just that the island is too pack with tourist and locals. Not my kinda island perhaps.. However, it worth the visit. So after few hours spent in the pool, we decided to get the hell out of this island. We stop by a beach just before the bridge crossing Phuket to the mainland. It’s not ordinary tourist visiting spot, but more like lorry driver rest area. However, the beach is so damn clean and beautiful. At first, I’d say 10 minute stop, but it becomes more like an hour.

It was hot & sunny while we cross the bridge. Seems like there’s no more rain in the south. But I was wrong. At first, we want to go to either Koh Samui island or Thale Noi lake area. Unfortunately, both places were covered with the flood. I never though an island like Samui will be affected by flood. Even the local say this is the worst disaster ever happened in 50 years. Same goes to Thale Noi lake area. The owner of the resort we want to stay told us their resort is closed due to flood. Moving forward, we change the route to Satun.

It was a hell of a journey, we reached the resort 10 pm that night with few diversion road due to flood. We have to cross about 5-8 village that water is still on the road. Luckily we manage to make the crossing even though the water is more than 1 foot height.







Day 7 – Satun

We stayed for 2 night at The Gleam Resort, Satun. It’s a small beautiful resort at the end of the city. Last time I came to Satun with my family, we stay in a resort just like this one called V Valley Resort, but this one has a pool. Just because the sea is not welcoming us this time, so we spent most of the time in the pool. lol

Morning market is just a few hundred meter away. We had breakfast and fruits there before heading out to Pak Bara coz Fozan dying to eat the spicy grill meat salad (Nam-Tok) that we had on our last trip to Koh Lipe. We drive around the town to find this auntie that sell lunch on motorbike hawker stall. Today is not our lucky day. No Nam-Tok.

Frustrated not getting what we want, I bring them to Tanyong Poh, a Malay fishing village by the sea facing Langkawi. The hidden gems of this village are amazing rocky beach and most amazing seafood restaurant. We have most lovely lunch ever for this trip here. This is the second time I visited Pak Tam Man Tomyam Tanyong Poh and never regret. We had tom yam, squid salad, prawn, soup, crab, mantis prawn and much more. I eat 2 crabs alone. and mantis prawn. and squid. It was wonderful…

Photos & video in this trip are from all of us, Aidil, Ajoi, Fozan, Pacat, Yana & Me.

For those who wonder the expenses for this trip, all of us spent around RM805 for a week of road tripping Southern Thailand.





RM90 (Seremban)

RM 100 (Bukit Kayu Hitam)

1180THB (Krabi)

1000THBt (Phuket)

500THB (Pak Bara)

RM 91.10 (Perlis)

RM 93 (Gombak)

Total RM168/pax


RM35 1 car 4 white card


RM200 (Seremban)


Hua Hin-Koh Lanta 160THB/4pax

Koh Lanta-Hua Hin 130THB/4pax

Total RM9/pax


RM 89/Room (Hatyai) ??• (RM44.50)

RM 525 (Koh Lanta) / ????(RM131.25)

RM 561 (Phuket)/????• (140.25)

RM 212 (Satun) / ??• (RM106)

Total RM422/pax


1000 THB ?x6


  • Fried Chicken 320THB
  • Noodle Soup 350THB


  • Laksa 4 & Rice 2 180THB
  • Dinner 360THB


  • Breakfast 180THB
  • Dinner 500THB


  • Lunch (Krabi) 500THB


  • Lunch Tanyong Poh 1618THB

Around RM90/pax


300 THB


830 THB Marine Park 1 car & 4 pax

TOTAL RM805/pax


We did bring Zaidi again this time.


















Aidil fallen asleep.


Womens cargo

Mens Cargo




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