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yana harmila – the other side

Apart from being a passionate photographer, Yana Harmila is a dedicated school teacher. I believe not everyone around her knows about this. She teaches a very challenging subject in primary school which takes a lot of her courage to educate. But until now, I believe she’s been teaching for about 6 or 7 years.

I’ve known her for the first time while attending a photography gathering, Ramadhan 2007 is my mind serve me right. Bermula dari situ kami mula rapat dan terus berhubung. Dari situ kami kenal Shazli, Trisno, Jasrizal dan ramai lagi dari kalangan jurugambar. We started to organize photography classes, outing sama-sama, dan kongsi pengalaman. Yana ada hampir dimana-mana sahaja kalau ada outing Shazli. Pengikut setia.

Pada permulaan Yana pegang kamera Nikon D40x, tetapi sekarang dah pun ada Canon 5D Mark II. But I guess she still miss the color of her old Nikon. Every now & then we keep sharing our knowledge. She was the earliest person I know when I first learn how to capture a photos, up until now.

So today we had a moment together after a very long time we haven’t met and talk about photography. I manage to capture few photos of her, so here it is. The other side of Yana Harmila that you haven’t seen before..

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