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Harlina & Arif

This wedding is a reminder of why I love what I do so much. I know I say this a lot, but it’s really such an honor being a part of such intimate moments and memories. This was one of the funnest weddings for me personally because I got to see so many happy faces. If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you’ll probably recognize many of the happy faces. These two are some of the most genuine people I’ve met, and have the sweetest family.

Harlina was my long time twitter & instagram friend. Their wedding held in Yong Peng, just a few minutes from my place. Honestly, I feel so lucky that I get to visit all these great spots. Without photography, I would most likely never go to the beach or see these gorgeous trails. If you follow my blog & facebook quite often, you might look it love it the photography style with just a glance. And for sure, without photography, I would not get to share in such intimate moments like this with such a beautiful couple.

How cute are they?? I love real laughter:

Til the next adventure!

hafez + jahiza { reception – yong peng }

Hafez and Jahiza were married on Saturday, in front of all of their beautiful family and friends. The next day was their reception ceremony in Yong Peng. The weather was shiny. Like, super duper sun shiny. In fact, two days later, I can still sensation the heat on my pores. Even my heart felt warm! Although I could safely say that that particular warmth was caused by the love these two shared for one another. Family from Johor and all over Terengganu came to celebrate them. And having gotten to know these two, it doesn’t surprise me one bit that they travelled all this way to witness their marriages.
Hafez and Jahiza, wishing you both the happiest of delighted lives together. May there be much more laughter and travelling for you both.

Special thanks goes out to my talented friend from Dedaun Bridal, who came out with great ideas of this wedding dais, decoration & dress.

jazz + hafiz { solemnization – yong peng }

Thank you, Jahiza and Hafez, for being such a graciously warm + genuinely thoughtful couple. I know I can speak for myself when I say it was an absolute an honor to have been there. So today we will be going to have fun together on you wedding day! Cheer up!

azam & lidya { dungun, terengganu }

DUNGUN: Disinilah bermulanya kehidupan baru kawan baik aku selepas ni. Beratus batu dari kampung halaman dia, Yong Peng. Lidya mengajar di Politeknik Dungun, jadi Azam kenalah ikut ke sana. Kita tengok lepas setahun dua nanti loghat percakapan dia mesti berubah. Itu dah mesti punya. Dalam tahun ni Azam akan selalu berulang alik ke Johor jugak sebab masih banyak wedding job dia disini lagi. Kalau dah mula bertapak di sana nanti, dah susah la sikit dia nak balik sini. Jadi Dungun Wedding Photographer lah Azam. Wedding photography market di Terengganu nampaknya masih luas dan berkembang. Nak jumpa pon mungkin masa2 raya lah. Hehe.. Semoga success sentiasa memulakan hidup baru diperantau ye Azang!

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