The busy life of an explorer


Lets see how far can I carry this job. I love seeing the world I never be before, I love to drive long distance, I love the rules I can just wear short pants & round neck tshirt to a meeting, I love to communicate with an english guys with New Zealand ascent which I hardly understand. I love to go for another adventure every day. I love the fact that I can enter just any private property area and not get caught. I love when I finds an huge empty grass field that I can listen to the sounds of breeze hitting the grass. I love the productions manager who lead this team politely giving me compliments like Hugh Grant acting in Notting Hill. I litterary love the two tone of my skin tanned every day.

But the thing is, I have very limited time with my family. I’m fully occupied the whole week and going to be busy on the weekend for weddings. I have abandonded my blog for almost 3 weeks. I hate I couldn’t find my socks every morning. I skip lunch most of the days. OK I lied, I only skip twice. I hate when I have to drive 1 1/2hrs to the studio and suddenly the meeting was cancelled and this guy told me “this is what I told you when we welcome you to the movie business earlier the crazy parts always come to your way”. Hopefully not today.

So lets see how far can I go.

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